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  1. Have you created a ticket with Battlefront support?
  2. Sure, it was in The Winter of Our Discontent scenario. Which email would you like me to send the file to?
  3. In a PBEM game, I just had a tank instantly jump from one action spot to another! Never seen anything like that before. Note the time in the bottom right corner. Not too pleased about it given that a vineyard in muddy conditions is a bad place to be.
  4. Thanks domfluff! I remembered I actually downloaded the Discord app for some reason a while ago, so I fired it up - but was unable to locate the Combat Mission group? What is it called?
  5. Will this PBEM+++ system be available for Mac users as well?
  6. I have not used Discord. Can you please tell the advantage of Discord compared to a traditional forum like this? Is it anything more or anything else than a 'chat group'?
  7. Who claims this? Battlefront? I look at CM games as miniature wargaming - an abstraction that captures reality well on an abstract level, but not necessarily in every detail on zoom level 1. The latter had never been my expectation, and that has surely saved me a lot of frustration.
  8. I've been away from the game a couple of years so I must have forgotten! Interesting how something that for the layman sounds like it should be easy fixable apparently is not.
  9. I downloaded JRE today to try to get WhoseTurnIsIt to work (have used CM Helper in the past, but cannot get it to work with the newer titles) but unfortunately I run into a variant of the problem described above - nothing happens when I press 'No' or 'Yes' in the dialogue window and I cannot access the menues.
  10. There is some wonkiness with the spotting. In the screenshot below, my infantry squad has just (about a second ago) spotted a Soviet truck 1634 metres away (just right of the NAI 5). The truck has not been spotted by any other unit previously. Nothing weird with that. However, that my guys can also see that there are two infantry units inside the truck, can't be right. And not only that, they can see one of the two units is carrying an RPG-7. I do not get any details on the other unit. Playing on Iron. This is a similar situation with the screenshot I posted earlier in this thread when I spotted Rocketman's M113 from approx. 1500 metres and was able to see that a Dragon equipped squat was sitting inside the buttoned down APC.
  11. It does - plan #1 and #2 looks ok - but plan #3 (that is set to 'Use Sometimes') seems to be empty and should be set to 'Not used' in the editor to avoid facing a completely passive enemy.
  12. This is great and will be very helpful! Thanks to Chris for releasing this and to you for hosting.
  13. I'm happy to report back six weeks later that CMCW runs incredibly well on my 2016 Macbook Pro. Currently running with 'Better' model and texture quality and large (2.5x2.5+ km) maps load rather quick and shows no lag when scrolling around the battlefield.
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