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  1. works again Thanks to @Dr.Fusselpulliand @Vacilllator I got the campaign but it is 512mb with the mods folder and too big for my db right now, will look for a solution but if one got free capacity you´re welcome
  2. A grand for every Dropbox access. Wanted to make clear that this mod was made afaik by @MikeyD . With the help of @37mm we converted it to CMSF2 Dropbox link can be accessed via my signature and this thread aswell:
  3. For most systems roughly at this point the performance investment starts to steeply increase. It is very map size dependant Improved ist the sweet spot for me as I don´t want to tinker around with the setting before every scenario and it should cover a wide range of recent gen systems with a good performace base, +/- as one sees fit. With my new battleship I could go higher but high fps - especially fluid camera movement/panning - are priority for me. So on smaller maps and/or with a powerful system one can go higher for sure, some max it out on bigger maps aswell as they might favor better terrain/tree draw distance but the fps impact can be tremendous. I´ve seen players being content with what appeared to be 15fps why others aim for the tripple/quadruple of this. Eventually - as often - it comes down to personal preference.
  4. It was a fun CM night for sure Is it fine now? If so I will unlock the video again
  5. It is true that I don´t treat mails concerning games, shopping, etc. with the same attention as my professional or private emails. I read download ready and just located the link. I was not aware that bf prefers it this way. I put the video on private.
  6. I played the Warsaw 44 operation in CMBB just months ago. Seeing this resurrected in CM2 with FR would be a great thing. About the movie, never saw it, is there a way to watch it in Polish with English subtitles somewhere?
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