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  1. Didn´t expect this thread to spark to activity again but I like it. Custom Models and what to replace in relation to Draw Distance When using huge custom models I replaced the biggest default flavour objects in order to prevent them from popping in/out, as they all have different draw distance/fov. Seems like you found out that the Large Fountain is good in this regard and stops vehicles. Never tested it. My not uptodate testing back then indicated that the best draw distance/fov comes from replacing non-flavour "hard stuff" like units/wrecks, walls, buildings, ammo depot(?). For the aircraft carrier I used an invisible wreck. Placing Heavy Units inside Buildings/Upper Floors Was intrigued by @RockinHarry´s method to place guns/vehicles(?) inside buildings/upper floors. Despite bringing heavy ordnance upstairs, by rubbling upper floors tanks/heavy guns might be placed in the base floor (ambush). Other map-related objects might work aswell (furniture, objects placed on roofs). This might open up entire new ways for map/scenario designers. And this without any mod download requirement for the end-user it seems.
  2. Thread shouldn´t see much activity and people usually check out 1st and last post, here the Abstract: Utilize the Blender method in order to create/import new (3D) objects or modify existing objects in Combat Mission. Furhtermore techniques and ideas how to integrate these in-scenario. Mods/Downloads: The majority of the 3D custom mods released here are of experimental, educational, and proof-of-concept nature and never had the intention to become a quality/final product. They were not made to look great. Objective was to breach boundaries and enable modders to employ and further develop these techniques in order then to create shelf-ready mods. Was clear to most as I stated it dozen of times but there is always the particuar not very bright struggling to understand, this should sort it out extra clear. Text: Good information but alot of clutter. Documented and described all discoveries. Best to start from beginning, skip what is not interesting. Used bold to emphasize. Good skimming skills welcome. Videos: Alongside documented alot of my Blender experiments by video recording them. Some without commentary, newer ones with. Not easy as the Blender method per se is unusual but computer layman level individuals reported to me they were able to figure it out using the videos. Skip video parts you don´t see relevant. I recommend to start with the later - commented - videos. Linked video 47 is a good start. Playlist: Next?: My objective is completed. @JM Stuff @37mm @Lucky_Strike @kohlenklau @NPye and other very talented modders released quality mods and are further developing and exploring new methods. Check out their threads for the most up-to-date knowledge. You will find their work in the respective threads usually located in the CM games´ mods forum sections. Great too see the plenty of promising projects Good modding
  3. As this thread contains informations not specific for CMSF2 and relevant for all CM games. I will attempt to move this thread into the general CMx2 mod tips subforum.
  4. Following your projects with high interest @JM Stuff . You´re an huge enrichment to the community.
  5. works again Thanks to @Dr.Fusselpulliand @Vacilllator I got the campaign but it is 512mb with the mods folder and too big for my db right now, will look for a solution but if one got free capacity you´re welcome
  6. A grand for every Dropbox access. Wanted to make clear that this mod was made afaik by @MikeyD . With the help of @37mm we converted it to CMSF2 Dropbox link can be accessed via my signature and this thread aswell:
  7. For most systems roughly at this point the performance investment starts to steeply increase. It is very map size dependant Improved ist the sweet spot for me as I don´t want to tinker around with the setting before every scenario and it should cover a wide range of recent gen systems with a good performace base, +/- as one sees fit. With my new battleship I could go higher but high fps - especially fluid camera movement/panning - are priority for me. So on smaller maps and/or with a powerful system one can go higher for sure, some max it out on bigger maps aswell as they might favor better terrain/tree draw distance but the fps impact can be tremendous. I´ve seen players being content with what appeared to be 15fps why others aim for the tripple/quadruple of this. Eventually - as often - it comes down to personal preference.
  8. It was a fun CM night for sure Is it fine now? If so I will unlock the video again
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