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  1. Thank you for the help. Tomorrow morning I'm going try it. I'm indeed using the Steam version. (Edit): The mod drop box, which I was referencing, can be found on his Youtube videos Ewrin
  2. No it isn't the old Africa mod. It's a mod for Shockforce 2. The mod even has Shockforce 2 abbreviation in the modders drop box
  3. Hello there, I recently downloaded SmartWargames's African forces mod. The download was successful but I don't know where/which folder to put the the mod into to enable it. Can this community help?
  4. It seems what is really missing in this game is a infantry command to breach and clear command when entering suspected hostile buildings. This way entire squads won't get KIA'd by a random single enemy that just won't surrender. It will also my assaulting forces competitive on urbanized maps.
  5. Hello there, I currently own both Black Sea and Shockforce 2. I want to play a light infantry/helicopter centric army using the OOB given to us in a quick battle scenario. So whats the closest army formation in this game for an air assault setup? Like what air assets should I bring and how large of a formation is operating on a typical QB battlespace.
  6. So why in quick battle can we not see the weapons an aircraft is carrying? We are able to select Mk 19 and on/off map mortars but this is non-existent for aircraft. When picking aircraft current you get a variant rated heavy/medium/light but can't preview what exactly that means. I put forward as an avid customer for combat mission that we need to have selectable system similar to picking the right land variant like mortars and etc. We need a preview of what we are selecting. If there is a way to see what an aircraft is bringing to the fight then I will gladly push to delete this thread.
  7. Are they back in the game? Why were they removed in the first place?
  8. I kind of want to pick this up if only to play as the Brazilians in Rome to Victory. How do they play in quick battle and what Brazilian assets do you get to play with?
  9. As someone with no military experience, I have problems in CM about the use of APCs/IFVs. My particular problem is when is it a good time to unload your infantry in battle? Currently I wait until the first shot goes off and smoke immediately to unload my infantry. Sometime this shot is a rocket/missile that could take out an infantry carrying vehicle with a squad still inside. I'm thinking there has to be a better way.
  10. But in the Canadian campaign, you have to go into these urban sectors and not destroy a thing or be penalized
  11. What move orders is most effective at clearing hostile buildings with minimal casualties?
  12. That is good to hear about the map maker community improving QBs. I just hope it manifest itself into better gameplay eventually.
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