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  1. That's why I watched it for a few minutes. It is written 1 minute. That got my attention. I didn't realize that even though it was one minute, I had to give them the order to disassemble manually.I were still waiting and they nothing .ok
  2. Yeah, actually disassembling them manually first. You're right the cannon confused me that it has to be reassembled "into position. I thought it was assembled first. After transport, it must first be reassembled manually.Rookie in the game.
  3. What kind of work is the anti-tank unit doing there? They watch the arriving tanks for 5 minutes and shoot them with a handgun. They have a commander there, I gave him an order to attack the tank ... I thought he would order them to fire a cannon? It does not work ? They don't listen to the commander? So should I give the order to fire only the cannon itself?In both cases, they don't shoot at all. Even when the commander has the order to fire, neither the cannon itself.After a long time, the tank escaped into the trees. They only fired at him with small arms.
  4. I used the only program that works for me and that's it. keytwak thx for info womble
  5. So should I overwrite it manually in that file? yeah i'll make a copy. Moment where there is a "backspace ?I want to put it on the mouse I use it constantly to delete the route. I don't see a "backspace" anywhere? where is ?
  6. If the control cannot be reset. Where can I find a list of ot keys? So I'll rewrite it manually.
  7. So how does it reset to its original settings?
  8. ok I understand chuckdyke How to remove control buttons. Get default control button settings? I don't see the possibility of resetting it anywhere? You don't know where it is hidden?
  9. I thought they were only allowed to shoot at a certain sector. Because it's everywhere ... in every game.It's different here. They shoot at armored targets only where is a fan. Where they are not, they continue shoot to infantry. So if I only wanted to shoot at the tank, it must have a fan stretched everywhere. So they will only shoot at armored targets. That's why they shoot outside the fan. This revealed their position.
  10. https://postimg.cc/4mTvLXRt I found the first terrible BUG in the game! Now I know why it doesn't work. The units do not obey orders at all.The tank is an absolute priority and is in sight.You must act now or you are hit and destroyed. Not a single tank in the game adheres to the firing line for armored targets.Everyone cheerfully ignores them and hunts hares and partridges in the woods. So how do you set mandatory firing targets? Explanation of the picture: There is a hare on the right arrow and an enemy tank on the left arrow.
  11. This is the second button to pause the game. There are two buttons unnecessarily here. It's like this: The "S" menu must first be.... And inside is the second pause button and here this is the time timer. There is a confusing green circle with an alarm clock on the surface. This button is only pause in game. Of course, it confused me that there are two buttons for the same thing. But thanks you Monty. I would suggest removing that green button from the menu. This green button is absolutely here to confuse the player.It has no function.
  12. Combine commands during movement and combat I read the manual, but I'm still having trouble with it. 1 move here 2 now throw smoke 3 wait 10 seconds (before there is smoke everywhere) 4 Assault the house. So which button should I press? In order for the commands to line up one after the other with a 10-second time interval? I TESTED IT . The only thing that will do is the inscription "pause !!! There is nothing to set other than the "pause" button. No 10 or 20 seconds can be put there. I'll move here to this place. Now wait 10 seconds ... it doesn't work either. Anytime anywhere by pressing the "pause unit" button. Timing stopped working for me. So I can't even combine commands.I don't have the timer there.The option to set the time has disappeared.
  13. I understand to you. The design is for regimental command and not for nice graphics. I see.
  14. How to remove the transparency of buildings? Is there a button for that? That's awfully ugly those transparent buildings. If I want to look inside, all you have to do is move the mouse inside the building. To do this, it may not be completely transparent.
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