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  1. Hmm, glad it's finally out for you chaps But I will pass on a purchase until they put some UK forces in the mix, Bung Ho you lot!
  2. I hope the damn Ami's are as cold as we are... (snow effect uniform courtesy of Umlaut)
  3. Title mate?... is this a new book? I like Hastings books, but I can't find this one.
  4. North Africa?... A day one purchase for me!
  5. If that's an Italian prisoner I need to do the body search and interrogation on that one!!!
  6. Very nice! I get back from Egypt this week so will get hold of all these!
  7. Oh my lord, yes, I know he does... I was simply interjecting a little humour!
  8. When you say a more 'mature experience' are you hinting it's more enjoyable for the elderly?
  9. Great stuff... another one to look forward to using when I get back...
  10. Hi chaps, I'm currently resting in Sri Lanka, waiting for another escort job to Suez. I've been reading 'Where The Iron Crosses Grow' which covers the war in the Crimea from 1941 to 1944... is anyone else read, or currently reading this excellent title? This theatre of operations would make an interesting expansion module to Red Thunder, especially the opening battles in 1941. Limited troops and equipment, ad hoc units thrown together, even LAH were involved in the early stages. The entry points into theatre were difficult to negotiate, with bottlenecks, marshes, limited manoeuvre capability,
  11. Great stuff as always. Will get this as soon as I get back from overseas.
  12. All I can say is that vid was '**** hot!' Great stuff!
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