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  1. Nice summary and a good discussion on tactics: https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/what-united-states-military-can-learn-nagorno-karabakh-war
  2. The point of my original post was that CM was sort being thrown under the bus for a year or two due to less than state of art graphics and little news of any new content. Now wargamers can not have CM Fire and Rubble and Cold War fast enough. Ironic. I have never seen such excitement over a wargame like CM Cold War in many years. I cant gauge Fire and Rubble, but Cold War might just be the biggest seller for Battlefront in their history. And I hope so.
  3. I think the reviews at The Wargamer.com will become very favorable with the release of Cold War. The public was craving for this game. And it looks like they spent a ton a money on the software. Look at the TOE. Bravo.
  4. Guys, I just think we have seen CM rise from the grave. And I think it's was silly to pan Battlefront's Shock Force2 graphics last year given its overall gameplay. So many wargamers can't wait for the Cold War product. I am really happy for Battlefront.
  5. The Wargamer.com comes to mind off the bat. And amateur reviewers over at Steam etc..
  6. Does anyone else think it's a bit ironic that reviewers of the newly released Steam CMSF2 were panning the game's graphics last year and now they are peeing in their pants to get at CMCW?
  7. Great thanks. Any master maps; e.g. for the Fulda Gap area?
  8. Hi ... I believe this will come with the excellent CM scenario editor; just can't find a reference to it in the features list.
  9. Bridge works, but difficult to find like minded players. Chess works too. What else? Backgammon is fine with the doubling die. They all can be played online. Flight Sim is also a favorite especially siming a flight home from Turks and Caicos or Las Vegas where in these places, virtual goes out the window.
  10. One thing I always liked about Combat Mission is that strict adherence to battle drills as outlined in training manuals do not necessary work. Those manuals should not be ignored however. They are very instructive. But any commanding officer could care less about manuals in the heat of combat. It's about survival. Kill or be killed. Combat Mission is not chess, which I play online everyday. it's about the virtual fear of getting a leg blow off and how can I can ask those men who shipped across the Atlantic to put their lives on the line can return home. In a computer sense of course. Pin down
  11. "On 18 January 1945, the IV SS Panzer Corps, whose relocation to the region north-east of Lake Balaton had been completed on the previous day, was again thrown into battle. This was Operation Konrad III. In two days the Germans tanks reached the Danube at Dunapentele, tearing the Soviet Transdanubian front apart, and by 26 January the offensive had reached a point roughly 25 kilometers from the ring around the capital." Maybe we can change history ...
  12. The Wargamer changed its look overnight and has a article on the entire 20 years. https://www.wargamer.com/combat-mission/games
  13. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/38876/putin-has-created-the-ultimate-bond-villain-lair
  14. Those who win; control history. Those that lose; don't. In the case of Guderian, his accounts can not be thrown out in 2021. Like all history, take his accounts with a grain of salt. Can you image how jaded anyone's autobiography would be even if they were an angel?
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