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  1. Six pages of posts in <48 hours, is that a record?
  2. What's interesting to me is who qualifies for 2, 3, and / or 4? Do individuals only get access by working for large organizations? I could care less about 2. 3. 4. as a player, but I am interested in how the NDA/CDA process works within security regulated ultimately by the Defense Department. Command Modern Operations and Combat Mission Pros could be a security mess. Thanks.
  3. Hi once again ... This is my scenario design. But the back story for this video involves a few more hard working players. The video is perhaps the best within CM. Very well done and I cant take credit for it at all.
  4. Hi Guys ... The scenario is called "Happy New Year Major Bake" and was indeed made for the Winter Mod at the end of 2015. It deals with a tactical fight to stop the Soviets from capturing an important airfield in a coup de main thereby cutting off Stalingrad from any possible supply.
  5. Not an expert on TO&E, but if a designer thinks a bit out of the box, an early war battle could be created. But the designer's tools will be limited. Just trying to design such a battle will be educational for those new to this hobby. Like I said above, a German motorized infantry truck attack across a long map ending in a infantry attack on a crossroad village might be fun to design and at least give get a sense of what it was like operationally in the summer of 1941.
  6. There is the Stalingrad mod that goes back to late 1942 and early 1943. I think trying 1941 would be limited to just infantry battles since most - if not all - 1941 AFVs will not be available in a sim of 1944. There could be a few carry over units as you mentioned so as to create hypothetical battles. However, anything historical is going to be a though one. Off the top of my head, a motorized attack on a village in the Ukraine (August 1941) using a very long map might be fun to design even with some compromises.
  7. Where are you looking for it? For example, are you trying too set up a quick battle?
  8. If the next module takes the war in the west to its end, maybe BF could make Russian WW2 forces available for us to design our own scenarios. Not sure if that's a lot of additional work. But it might not be compared to entirely new product.
  9. Yes, if i recall John was one of the first to bring the board game PanzerBlitz experience to the PC. It was groundbreaking. In those early days we would email files back and forth between opponents. Trail brazing.
  10. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Very sad and way too soon.
  11. Congrats. Looks amazing. All the experienced gained over the years captured in this one.
  12. Nice summary and a good discussion on tactics: https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/what-united-states-military-can-learn-nagorno-karabakh-war
  13. The point of my original post was that CM was sort being thrown under the bus for a year or two due to less than state of art graphics and little news of any new content. Now wargamers can not have CM Fire and Rubble and Cold War fast enough. Ironic. I have never seen such excitement over a wargame like CM Cold War in many years. I cant gauge Fire and Rubble, but Cold War might just be the biggest seller for Battlefront in their history. And I hope so.
  14. I think the reviews at The Wargamer.com will become very favorable with the release of Cold War. The public was craving for this game. And it looks like they spent a ton a money on the software. Look at the TOE. Bravo.
  15. Guys, I just think we have seen CM rise from the grave. And I think it's was silly to pan Battlefront's Shock Force2 graphics last year given its overall gameplay. So many wargamers can't wait for the Cold War product. I am really happy for Battlefront.
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