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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to help my dad with CMBN installation. Here are the separate file components he had; - CMBN disc -CMBN Commonwealth Forces Disc -CMBN upgrade V2 - CMBN Operation Market Garden Disc - CMBN Upgrade 3+4 Windows bundle Downloaded files. After having trouble downloading version 4, I finally managed to get it installed, however his two add on modules were not present. I read some of the forum and tried to figure out how to do it. I understood that they needed to be reactivated, yet I couldn't find the activate modules shortcut, nor could I find it when searching the files on the computer. I need help on how to keep the v4 upgrade, but also how to install/activate the Market Garden/Commonwealth modules. Thank you P.S. Whilst looking through the files, i could only see the v4 upgrade, and no v3 upgrade.
  2. A couple of threads have prompted this poll. I hope that: a) it works (it's my first poll ever anywhere; be gentle with me ) it has some use or entertainment value. BFC is convinced that nobody would pay an economically sustainable price to make spending a lot of development time on AI improvement to the detriment of new features. I'm thinking that if the game is largely feature-complete (what's missing? Flares and proper nighttime illumination sources; environmental fire; mast-mounted vision equipment... can't think of anything else immediately) and they're working on a UI improvement already, perhaps an AI upgrade might be next if there's enough support for it. Whadday'all think? Edit: by "Nobody" I mean "insufficient people". Edit2: I know there are only 4 game families in the upgradeable stream at the moment; I added "all of them" because Bulge, at least, will be out before anything of this ilk gets a green light.
  3. Does the engine seems cleaner? faster? That said, the units SEEM to not do as many DUMB things (path'ing).. sadly tho, we still get one-shot wonder "Heinz" with his 88mm Pak 41/43 penetrating an IS-2 at 4k M, but I digress.. I was trying to explain how hard it can be to modify an existing game engine and move it up to higher and higher fidelities today with another friend of mine in software development. It's not easy, and I think we see this quite clearly with CMRT vs. CMBN. Not to say that CMBN isn't fun, it's just that when I play CMRT I have a much better experience with larger maps, cleaner color palette, etc. (I know you can make large maps in CMBN, but the speed and fidelity aren't there IMO). I wonder what other people think? I mean, I am a Ost Front fan boy, but still, I enjoy the challenge of Normandy and the different TO&E in that game (as well as it's lost cousin CMFI), but i'm left wondering if the game experience isn't as good as when I play H2H on CMRT.. which I love to do and it seems to have a far better outcome game wise.. Do others agree? I mean, how hard is it to add tank riders to CMBN? I would think NOT hard, but clearly hard enough that it wasn't added.. and it wasn't because of military doctrine..it was because the bits and bytes don't play nice together I'm sure.. I mean, add it in in CMRT and not in CMBN? Not trolling.. rather curious if others think the game experience in CMRT is better than the other titles in the CMx2 engine?
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