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  1. Interestingly, i just changed the resolution to 1920 x 1080 x 120Hz, and its looking a lot better...! Very surprising that it looks worse/blurry when trying to set a higher resolution.
  2. Hello CptMiller, I tried setting the DESKTOP setting, but the game looks exactly the same as before. Maybe the resolution is not being "Forced" despite me putting the larger resolution information into the DISPLAY text file?
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly guys. Here is the screenshot of my Nvidia page showing the GTX card is forced on, and the options page. The 2nd options page states TREES: HIGH / SHADERS : ON
  4. Hey guys, running CMSF2 on Alienware 17R4 Laptop, with GTX 1080. I have browsed through the forum, found all the performance topics, all of the topics to activate CMSF file through the Nvidia launcher, with all the relevant settings tweaks proposed here: Changed the display size in the display file to mirror my laptops, etc. The game still looks horrible/pixellated, and the text is blurry, and the gfx are bad. I ran the game on a work desktop with much worse stats than i have on the laptop, and it looked crisp, cheerful, beautiful. Is there something that I am forgetting to activate or switch on/off, or maybe there is another way to launch CMSF2 that forces the game to use best possible settings? Have a look at these screenshots to show what i mean (this is at 2560 x 1440 @120hz forced resolution). Look at the depixellation on the ground, in the menus, in the shadows, and on the unit icons. Game looks outright bad, on a system that should be running it smooth with no problem (CMBS looked gorgeous compared to this). Any ideas?
  5. Hey Jock, Im getting around 30-35 fps, irrespective of whether I have the BEST settings switched on, or the poorest. The worst are the micro-stutters when moving/panning the camera. Its just weird, given that CMBS ran much smoother on my older laptop-machine (was an Aorus 17, with a GTX 980). You mention that it may be the CPU bottlenecking the whole thing. This is my processor unit: Intel Core i7-6820HK @ 2.70 GHz. Ive tried running the game while overclocking the CPU, but still the problem persists. Its just really strange, given the fact that the system is more than capable to run other AAA games AND wargame simulations without any hiccup, and yet CMSF-2 is taxing it so heavily. Anyone has any thoughts in respect of performance improvement?
  6. Thanks Vet - your tip helped me sort out the pixellation and the blurry text! However, I still feel that my game doesnt run that well performance wise. Im on an Alienware 17 R4 Laptop, with a super fast processor, 32 GB ram, Geforce 1080 GTX card, and the game still seems like it loses frame rates whenever I try to move the camera across the map on the Germans defence scenario. Ive set the trees to low, but it doesnt really help. I Tried forcing the GTX 1080 in Nvidia control centre, but I am not sure that it is actually the card that the game is selecting, because it SHOULDNT be lagging at all with the system specs that I have. Can someone talk me through the whole process of dedicating the GFX card to the game, and what other steps I can take in order to ensure that the game is being run while utilising the full extent of my system? These small microstutters and frame lag is really annoying me and ruining the experience which I was really looking forward to. I used to have CMBS on an older much slower laptop, and that ran flawlessly...
  7. Wow that looks gorgeous! My SF2 looks nowhere near that, what with all the pixels popping out.
  8. Ah yes youre right Jock - the Intel HD 530. But like I said - im forcing it to run through Nvidia - with no improvement of performance.
  9. Although I have a laptop (Alienware R17) - I only have the Geforce 1080 inside of it (so, just one dedicated card, no Intel). Nevertheless, I tried messing with the Nvidia control panel, but it doesn't seem to change anything. Tried Turning off FXAA as per Pete's suggestion - still same problem. Game's resolution is just set to very low, and "use desktop" mode doesnt seem to improve it.
  10. Hey Guys - the text on the menus and the briefings is very pixellated and hard to read - I remember this issue used to occur way back in the previous titles as well. Anyone figure out how to force a higher resolution on the menu, and the game itself? The highest I get is 1280x800, but I have a 4k Laptop Screen. When I select desktop resolution option, it still shows me really pixellated graphics within the game.
  11. Hey John, i decided to go over the parade straight after posting the above, and what's weird, I just watched the entire parade (with fast skipping of some of the marching scenes) video from Youtube (the one which is 1:26:00 long, with RT logo), and I didnt hear once anything being said about the neighbours (aside from praise for their valour in WW2 during Putin's speech). Now, I am sure i remember that there were comments made when I was watching the parade on Channel 1 russia, during the live stream. It must have been something said by the journalists commentating on the parade - not the official announcer. I saw that there's almost a 3 hour video of the parade on youtube, with the channel 1 logo, so maybe that is where those phrases/comments will be found. Will revert later accordingly!
  12. Ah yes, sorry John, completely slipped my mind to do that! Give me until wednesday next week (im travelling on business over this weekend and probably wont have internet access), but i will definitely rewatch and transcript exactly how the comments were said about the neighbours.
  13. Is that from conventional arty or from cluster munitions?
  14. Hey, this may be a dumb question (I have no military background or experience, apologies), but what about developing a system on top of the turret that would act like a CIWS which you get on modern ships? Those seem pretty capable of taking out incoming air to surface missiles, could such a system protect a tank from an ATGM? A Javelin? Or is their size/weight too impractical to deploy on top of a tank turret?
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