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  1. Good video! I kept expecting that universal carrier to get taken out on its way up to the enemy position...
  2. Cheers... I can crack on with my mission now (or can I?... what's next mate?)
  3. Yes I am mate ... and can I say thanks for all your work. You and others like you keep me playing this great game!
  4. Just 5 mins browsing on you tube and I had found 3 videos that showed flamethrower operators running, (German and American)... On the German sequence it even shows the operator running uphill! An American sequence shows an operator, skylined at a distance, fire his flamethrower and then 'sprint' like hell away from the scene! So clearly, real world footage is available showing flamethrower operators could move relatively fast, if even for only short distances...
  5. Char and Char Alike... Just to show the excellent Aris Char B mod... many thanks Aris Using this in the mission at the moment!
  6. Char and Char Alike continued... As German troops and armour move over the open ground towards the small railway bridge, American paratroopers open up from the nearest building, but are quickly supressed by tanks and supporting MG's. One runner is sent racing back to the bridge... He didn't make it...
  7. AAArgh!... I'm using the Char B in a mission at the moment... now I need that skin... (no pressure)
  8. If it comes with the British 16 Air Assault Brigade I'll pre-order...
  9. Char and Char alike continued... Company HQ have occupied the largest building and are observing forward. 2 platoon with the main body of tanks have pushed down the central village road, and 3 platoon are checking the woods on the right flank. Meanwhile, the recce team leads 1 platoon down the railroad track on the left flank, supported by a tank and a halftrack... still no contact! Note... Using the terrain mod from the Aris collection..
  10. Couple of pics from the mission 'Char and Char Alike'... German infantry move up into the village... where are the Americans?
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