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  1. So I just bung these in the Z folder and they will straighten those shark teeth road?
  2. Great news and lots to look forward to... many thanks!
  3. I remember having to lug one of those onto a patrol vessel and then set it up in a sandbag emplacement in Sierra Leone... not a one man job I can assure you!
  4. All good to know... installed and working fine
  5. Africa 'has' to be the Libyan theatre of ops, British and Commonwealth forces against the Italians and Germans. Then afterwards, the Americans can show their faces in Tunisia for the next logical release...
  6. ''GET SOME''... (in Syrian) Enjoyed the video, thanks!
  7. As this thread is about CMSF2 Release Updates, I'd love to hear some fresh news on it... I am so looking forward to the full release... modder's can be let loose to do their stuff, mission makers can work their magic etc! Plus we get to involve ourselves in the campaigns...
  8. My pics are the stock demo, trees set on low, the only other addition is Veins Sky mod.
  9. Yes, sorry Mord, got you mixed up with Ultradave... and it was the quick missions he was talking about not the campaigns.
  10. I was sure you had mentioned that the campaigns won't work with the demo... sorry about that, must have been someone else, lol!
  11. 37mm believed they should play in the new game, but maybe they just won't work in the demo? I was talking about scenarios by the way not campaigns... Mord has said already that campaigns don't work
  12. edit... just put some of these in the scenarios folder and none are showing up in game... any idea how to get them to work gents?
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