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  1. It would be great if you could compile it and upload it to issuu.
  2. I am wondering if there are any plans for triggers in engine version 3? it would be great if the AI could counter-attack especially with the bigger maps.
  3. what about a compromise - make it javascript/html5 so that it could be used from all platforms
  4. the thing about manual setting up the battles is really disappointing. I think there would be overwhelming support for a game which is able to interact with cm. I am still dreaming about a strategic layer for cm like in close combat games. I am not a programmer but maybe you know how much time and effort it would cost to make at least the aar data and core unit data accessible for third party software.
  5. llf thought about it but i think the italians would make crap japanese island defenders because of the unsplitable squads. I stopped playing cmbn for now but recently I bought risingstorm which is really good. and they have a lot of sounds and textures - maybe there is someone who could port them for cmbn
  6. hi i am looking forward to makin atoll but i have a question because i am just playtesting my angaur map again and there is no way that i will change the defenders from british to german. so what did you do? did you now use the ss instead of the british as japanese or did you just use the skeleton of the ss and would it be possible to swap the 6pdr skeleton with the infantry gun? and here another one: is it possible to use your modified coondog textures for the british para skeleton as well?
  7. please release or send me for playtesting - it looks really promising
  8. saw a movie on a plane last week called yamamoto - i will try to get it somehow to upgrade the soundmod - if you know where i can watch it please tell me
  9. @llf can you send me the latest version of the terrain mod @coondog will we see ija textures on british airborne uniforms?
  10. if you need playtesters i would be happy to test this map as h2h or against the ai
  11. great! maybe i will redo the complete foliage on my angaur map once this is done.
  12. i think this would be not a good idea. there is only so much interest in the pto mod so splitting it up in pto terrain submods would not make sense. i am looking forward to your makin map. regarding my angaur map i will release it after the next patch
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