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  1. I think lots of guys are really looking forward to 'The Bulge' add on... we have a resurgence of winter battles and mods already in progress
  2. Ah, so all of this was simply to boost your post count!
  3. The Sherman did have a canister round for the 75mm, but you are right, Pitt's Sherman was the M4A3E8 76mm, so would not have had any... not that I can find either, lol!
  4. Hmm... Being the victors in the conflict, it always amazes me when I hear these comments. American veterans and history books all proclaim how prisoners were shot out of hand on an all to frequent basis. Yet if there is the slightest hint that a German soldier was observed doing this, he would be hounded and tracked down and would end up being put on trial many, many years later... Allied soldiers interviewed after the war continue to make these statements and are never brought to book. Before anyone starts, this is just an observation... I'm well aware of soldiers attitudes, and have been on
  5. We are playing a game... it doesn't have a real time scale as such. 30 mins for a shallow foxhole in context with the games time limit is far too long, regardless of frozen ground etc...
  6. Think the round was developed, but probably not carried by the 76mm Sherman crews. They normally carried AP and HE, sometimes the HVAP if they could get their hands on it as it was not in theatre in large quantities. I'm not sure if US tankers have a 'standard load', but selected ammo load out more on a mission specific basis. As regards the film, I was musing on those packed ranks of germans on the road and what effect a couple of canister rounds would have had
  7. That was pretty awe inspiring! The aftermath scenes were well done too...
  8. The Sherman had a pretty effective canister round... in the film they must have run out! lol...
  9. Now that BS is finally out, perhaps it won't be long before we start getting new info or patch and module news for my beloved WWII series of CM games
  10. The film is a good action movie set in WWII. If you look at many WWII 'classics' they are in the same mould. Great action, gritty, sometimes giving you an insight into what the characters are thinking etc... but not always trying to portray historical accuracy. I can say though that I thoroughly enjoyed the film
  11. Ha!... If the US are involved, then we will usually be seen hanging on to their coat tails somewhere along the line!
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