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  1. You don't have time to sing party songs when an MG 42 is trying to saw you in half...
  2. Taking into account the rate of fire from a WWII MG 42 (not the dumbed down versions that are in service today) the German logistic chain for any formation would pay particular attention to keep that ammo supply functioning. I think it was in Guy Sajers book 'Forgotten Soldier' and James Lucas 'War on the Eastern Front' that I remember it being said that it was paramount to keep the guns fed with ammo.
  3. I think he means the flames 'from' the flame thrower.... and yes, they could do with a good mod to make them look like a proper jet of flame and oil...
  4. Say it to Kadaffi, Husseyn, Miloshevich, Mumbarack, Assad, Yanukovich. ) Have a look at your list, how many on that list had western countries march in there and punch them on the nose? eh?
  5. From an army intelligence point of view, it's not good doctrine to have all your forces numbered in sequence. It makes it much easier for the enemy to track and identify units... at least that was what we were told when I was a young soldier
  6. lol... in the space of 4 mins you fixed your own problem... so wasn't that bad eh?
  7. Yes, another must have... even if it doesn't actually 'swim' in game it would be a nice addition
  8. I think you know where I was coming from.... Regardless, Putins' actions are repugnant, and he needs his knuckles rapped... hard! Not going to happen though as modern democratic countries are just to soft. What's needed is a bit of good old British gunboat diplomacy.... wait... I forgot, we don't have an empire anymore!
  9. Well, the last time someone decided to put tanks and men into another sovereign state, and then annex part of it for their own the whole of the world ended up at war... Yet Putin has not been properly brought to account for simply 'taking over' the Crimea... pretty amazing really!
  10. Installed perfectly for me, certainly didn't take long... and yes, after the initial v 3.00 licence activation I even started the game (it just shows you that you have the base game activated)... Then I quit the game, clicked on the 'activate modules' link and activated each module in turn, it was pretty easy, I don't know why I was worried about it initially
  11. WP in real life will give you instantaneous smoke... Normal smoke rounds take a few seconds to generate the desired effect. Not sure if that is the reason...
  12. Yep, you have to input the 'ver 3.00' licence key first to activate the base game... Then after all the modules have been activated, ending with the Vehicle Pack licence key, your game will show all the modules at the bottom of the main screen along with the 'Ver 3.10' sig...
  13. Pssst.... it's a game. It won't really happen
  14. Reloading the Petard... 'The petard was reloaded by traversing the turret to the co-driver's hatch. The co-driver then breaks down open the petard barrel and pushes the petard round into the barrel and then closes it. The co-driver's hands are briefly exposed during the process. The AVRE was designed after the Canadian defeat at Dieppe, and could also be equipped with numerous other attachments, such as mine flails, fascine rollers, explosive placers etc.' Also... 'The crew of six were drawn from the Royal Engineers, except for the driver who came from the Royal Armoured Corps. One of th
  15. Many thanks... found another. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=3391
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