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  1. Just brilliant to see you back in the saddle!
  2. Recently purchased the Vehicle Pack... Installation was a bit long winded with the other modules and the v 3.00 upgrade needing all the licence keys etc, but it went smoothly enough Now, missions... can't find it, but has anyone put a thread or area up for missions that feature the new pack? Any help in that direction would be appreciated... Bung Ho chaps!
  3. Hate the interface, but it's still good fun I bought operation star and the two addons for it, and yes it was a steal!
  4. Ha!... beat me to it! I spent a lot of time working with American parachute forces in the past when I was in the army on exchange tours and exercise... they just couldn't get their head around a British army brew up
  5. I can endorse all the Aris mods, plus Veins uniform textures
  6. Then it may tempt me into a purchase...
  7. Is there to be British involvement in this new title?
  8. Just bought the vehicle pack... will download some of the missions that guys are putting out to include them tomorrow and see how they fare
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