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  1. Put it this way John... if I had demonstrated on my platoon sgt's battle course that the ambush was to be conducted in the fashion shown in the movie, I'd have been on the first transport out of Brecon...
  2. Just watched the first one... all I can say after watching them ambush the convoy, is 'Fred Karno's'... It's entertaining in it's own way, but the Soviet elite forces are probably not to happy to see them portrayed as this bunch.
  3. Many thanks for the explanations... keep at it lads!
  4. Hi mate, I did our airborne course when I was in 5AB brigade in the mid 80's... we were providing the brigades Medium recce element. I left the military in 1989, but the following year I joined again and went into the the parachute regiment reserves and served 20 yrs or so
  5. I've been following this for months... As an ex airborne soldier it's a must have for me!
  6. Right, I've found the correct one now... it was a combination of Juju's CMBN UI, with an update to add the FI/GL units to it! Happy days
  7. Hi chaps... I have been using Juri's UI mods but can't find one for FI/GL... anyone know if he did one for this title? I have searched the usual mod sites, but can't seem to find out whether he did one or not.
  8. Had a bit of a break from CM, but back into the fray again chaps... and great to see Aris is still whacking out the mods!
  9. We were talking about the chaps experience in the TA in the 1980's...
  10. Would it have made a difference if the lead tank only had the cover arc, and the others behind didn't? Perhaps they would have continued to advance until they had a visual ref on the target...
  11. I'm assuming this will only work with winrar, because it just won't unpack properly with 7-zip...
  12. These are in another thread... I'm assuming they are the same, not different versions?
  13. I don't play any CM WWII game without using all of the vehicles that Aris has produced... to me they are a 'must have' element of the game, along with his terrain and effects etc... well done mate
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