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  1. I don't play any CM WWII game without using all of the vehicles that Aris has produced... to me they are a 'must have' element of the game, along with his terrain and effects etc... well done mate
  2. My remarks make no sense? Right, first off I'm well aware that your creation is a work in progress... secondly, I was not making any kind of demands on what you should do to the vehicle in any way. My remarks was simply stating an opinion on the pictures you had shown to that point... That I liked the look of the first two.... how does me stating that ''I like the look of the first two pictures best'' equate to your statement that I'm making no sense???
  3. I agree with Erwin... those first two pics are the best from any pic you have posted so far.
  4. Regardless of who they were, they were thick... thicker than a big bag of thick things! I thought our education system was failing to educate kids in the UK properly on the history of both world wars... but those people in the video?
  5. Never mind the 'Final Blitzkrieg'... I would buy the 'First Blitzkrieg 1940' in an instant.
  6. Nothings over till the fat lady sings baby!
  7. ''Clear the woods...'' ''keep those eyes peeled chaps'' ''DRIVER HALT!... don't get too close''
  8. I was a regular soldier from the early 1970's onwards till the 90's... I can assure you, even in the 1970's, all section commanders (corporals) carried bino's... It was mandatory to sign out a set before deployment, and that's training exercises as well as operational...
  9. Just got round to playing one of the missions from 'Battle Pack One' tonight... had a play through on one of the minor missions 'The Copse'. Could be a bit of a spoiler coming up so don't read on any further if you don't want to know the outcome... I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! It certainly took me back to my training when I was in the army.... ''Never let tanks advance without clearing woods, defiles, choke points etc by the infantry first''... Bearing that in mind, with limited resources to hand I worked my way through the map... clear with infantry, meet opposition, infan
  10. Same map, but now with Worghern's terrain mod... ''Did you hear something?''
  11. lol!... didn't take the next pic, but 5 mins later I had used this gun to take out 2 Puma's and a Panzer IV... unfortunately the crew didn't live through the battle, as once they had given away their position, they were targeted themselves a little later
  12. ''It's too damn quiet'' ''They are out there... I can feel it''
  13. What's the latest on the patch release date chaps?
  14. Yes, figured that out mate I'd forgotten what I had done last time I installed a CM game... but I rooted around the files and found the ''display size'' file and adjusted it to my settings... Not played CM for awhile, so I am busy getting familiar with all it's quirks again!
  15. Hi chaps... just installed the game, but the graphics settings don't have a 1920 x 1200 setting? All my other CM games have the ability to set it on my monitor settings but not FB, why is that? Is there a way to set it up?... running on win 10 here. Edit... sorted it
  16. Nicely done!... I enjoyed this video more than the other black and white ones
  17. Talking about Tigers... take a look http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4039299/Fortress_Italy...#Post4039299
  18. Hi mate Just loaded the 'German Parade Ground' mission that someone had made for RT, this shows off all the German kit in game... Mine has come out with the same colour schemes as yours for those three vehicles. (without the mod)
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