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  1. More often scenarios focus only on the action: the companies involved in heavy fighting, and don't focus on the sister companies luckily positioned a few bounds away engaging the lesser threat, because those guys would be a boring one sided affair to play. Other gamey things such as units might get gunned down trapped on the edge of map, or forced to rush/hold/deny an objective for points. Historically sure, some engagements were fought to decimation. It happened, accounts of units being demolished, battalions rendered combat ineffective. Its just that it happens more often in game scenar
  2. OK. Are there other factors besides morale that influence surrender though? Such as a ratio change of assets remaining, or a weighting of objective points gained or lost.
  3. There are other methods used which influence forces not to surrender so readily. An equal weighted occupy objective towards the back end of the enemy side with a vet battalion HQ occupying can work towards keeping the battle going longer. Safely nested in position to keep the morale up, and its worth a few points towards the balance until the player moves in for the kill. Reinforcements arriving after the scenario works, but can be confusing to some as they have to manually end the scenario or keep hunting for the last man.
  4. Just go to the Steam Shockforce 2 Community hub and ask.
  5. Did a quick spot check of units August 1944. SS Panzer Jager (marder) and Sturmgeschütz battalions. Crew are wearing field gray as in the picture above. Which is correct. I went into the editor and checked what the SS crews were wearing in Panzer III and IV's. They are wearing panzer black mixed with camouflage, no gray from what I saw. Perhaps a full black could have been added there, but the camo&black mix is OK. I didn't check all epochs and all vehicles but based on above I would say no issue.
  6. One can dream, and hope. Unfortunately the rear view might be a while yet. Well my belief is that a second wave of this is coming. Where I live, a little island province of 155,000 we have been virtually untouched. Not a single case yet in the hospitals. 27 positives cases resolved at home, no new cases, and no deaths. Once the regional borders open up we'll have our turn, and this will play out similarly in other semi isolated jurisdictions all over the world. But we did buy some time.
  7. Bostom Asymptomatic Cluster Testing Positive (link) On CTV today Dr Sharkawi was asked about a cluster of people in Boston who tested positive and had no symptoms and were fine. He suggested it could be a sign of the virus mutating, then he quickly added it was too early to tell and ended the topic. The thought occurred to me, could this be a tamer Covid 19 vers 1.1 starting to spread? If people are asymptomatic, could this be the beginning to the end of Covid as we know it? One can hope it would certainly be quicker than waiting for the vaccine. (sadly everyone with an earlier str
  8. I suppose the foreshadowing to the trenches of WW1 by the sieges in the civil war was by the amount of cannon and mortar that kept arriving to have any effect. Artillery field howitzer rate of fire was not on a comparable scale to the great war. The 20th century anti recoil and breach loading mechanisms played a major role leading to the stalemate of broadfront trenches in WW1. I'm sure if the Model 1862 cannons were modernized at the same rate as CW rifle technology it would have been different. (I play TW lately too, Napoleon and WCII)
  9. China is the worlds major manufacturer and exporter of phages. These are virus engineered to attack bacteria and used for agricultural purposes to eradicate certain blights. Other countries produce and sell phages as well. Its nothing new. From what I searched I didn't find anything relating this to Covid.
  10. That, and there is an election coming up. Trump was riding high on a wave of statistical tremendous economic successes. Won't be able to use that with the way things are now.
  11. He would have known he would lose his command for this, which makes his action all that more selfless and admirable.
  12. Canadian Government now has access to Google's Location History for its Citizens As a result of Covid-19, the gov will use this to track congregating behavior trends. Here and now it seems like an innovative idea. But looking ahead I can't help but wonder if this is one entrance to the Orwellian rabbit hole.
  13. Back on topic. Dr Birx the Corona Virus National Advisor just made a very progressive statement (interview with Dr Oz just now). They have a rapid RNA Antibody test, and in less than a month they estimate testing could begin in mass. The goal is to test the entire population of the USA in a relatively short period of time. Why is this so important, its not a cure? Well, if you have the antibodies for the virus, perhaps through asymptomatic exposure, or maybe you were sick and recovered, whatever the reason, the goal is to get these people cleared and back to work in essential services. T
  14. Statistically I think DC is up there for per capita homeless too, followed by NY state. Its unlikely safe distancing is practiced within that risk group. I would expect this might explain the high rates of infection among police. Not sure didn't read anything indicating such. As for China its been mentioned on several covid forums how dependent we are on them as a supplier for Pharmaceuticals, and PPE which puts us in a tread lightly position. Fortunately we didn't rely on them for Biomedical equipment, such as vents. Thank acquisition processes requiring FDA compliant, and CSA compliant
  15. The controversy is not so much how bad it is. Rather, at which point do you carry on with life as before? We are still early in this so fine. In about 3 months lets say people are going to want to talk about the end game, phase 2, whatever. And then what? "...But, speaking only for myself, and as one who celebrated his eighty-first birthday this month, I would rather take the risk of contracting the virus than see my children and grandchildren experience a depression or worse."
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