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  1. There was that one engagement in Vietnam where 2 PT76 faced off against US M48's. (Ben Het). One M48 took a direct hit to the turret killing two crewman. So I guess the 76 gets credit for taking out an M48. But they too were short lived and all PT76 in that battle were destroyed.
  2. The CAT competition was an interesting indicator of the best tanks and crews. Sort of a biennial tank Olympics in Grafenwohr back in the day. Surprisingly the M60's held their own even with dated ranging equipment. The first year the M1 came in, it won of course. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Army_Trophy
  3. Cancel and Open works to keep the 50 manned while you can do it. The driver will try and peel away, and the gunner buttons up as soon as the heat is on, so you have to Cancel then Open.
  4. Sometimes a knife will work in a gunfight if you blindside your opponent. Here's an M20. Every time the tac AI survival would try to reverse it, I hit the cancel order and gave a target order on the Stug. Repeat and rinse. Eventually the Stug stopped. And never moved again. I checked after the battle and only the driver was left and he was in panic. This is from the Battle for Collecchio scenario.
  5. Nice pic. I gotta say that texture on the Hetzer is one of my favs.
  6. The Canadian hedge cutters seem OK. Here's a Sherman V with twin Sunjo's
  7. If the crew is taking even sporadic rifle fire, its seems to take a long time for them to sight a direct fire shot, especially the 81mm vs 60mm. On a not so related note, when the tube runs dry, I send the mortar men in as riflemen for the win if needed.
  8. We need a worst raids thread 😉. The raid on Dieppe would have to be one of the biggest fails perhaps.
  9. Sounds better than the tri-state quilting fair slideshow I have to sit through.
  10. There are interesting characteristics to observe in scenario author mode. For example experiment with a single AI group of 4 tanks with just a normal advance move. Have this tank platoon go to the first location and wait for an exit time condition to be reached. And set all the subsequent locations to some time past, or zero. The vehicles will still advance as alternating bounding teams, at first. But with the time condition already met, the tanks will proceed to the next location, the last tank will lag further behind as more moves are added. Eventually they get strung out due to normal terr
  11. Yes I've had an AI pak line deployed once on an obj and they never came into play. They could have definitely gave me a run for a draw. I've also taken a fight to the last AI squad, actually a battalion HQ, and only then did a surrender occur. So there more going on there.
  12. Factors in the condition of your own force in comparison for sure. And objective points are weighed. I don't know this for certain, however I did a fair bit of testing to see what made this tick.
  13. More often scenarios focus only on the action: the companies involved in heavy fighting, and don't focus on the sister companies luckily positioned a few bounds away engaging the lesser threat, because those guys would be a boring one sided affair to play. Other gamey things such as units might get gunned down trapped on the edge of map, or forced to rush/hold/deny an objective for points. Historically sure, some engagements were fought to decimation. It happened, accounts of units being demolished, battalions rendered combat ineffective. Its just that it happens more often in game scenar
  14. OK. Are there other factors besides morale that influence surrender though? Such as a ratio change of assets remaining, or a weighting of objective points gained or lost.
  15. There are other methods used which influence forces not to surrender so readily. An equal weighted occupy objective towards the back end of the enemy side with a vet battalion HQ occupying can work towards keeping the battle going longer. Safely nested in position to keep the morale up, and its worth a few points towards the balance until the player moves in for the kill. Reinforcements arriving after the scenario works, but can be confusing to some as they have to manually end the scenario or keep hunting for the last man.
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