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  1. So after the first CW patch (which fixed the problem with missing U.S. helmets) I seem to be missing the Soviet helmets. All the Russian infantry is running around without helmets. Any ideas about this or how to fix it?
  2. Shhhh...I'll let you in on a secret. I just took a screenshot of the map from my Kindle version and just colored it in.
  3. Hi everyone.....thought I'd do an update. I am working on a campaign. The first three scenarios ("First Battle", "If You're Gonna Come...", and "Counter Attack at Objective LOG") are complete and I think they do a good job of giving a "Team Yankee" feel. Currently working on the map for scenario four, "The Defense of Hill 214". One thing about the book is that Team Yankee is almost always in an advantageous position OR has better equipment. That is certainly true for the first two scenarios. The run through the town is a case in point...the Soviets by that time are totally depleted, their tanks have been destroyed, and the motor rifle battalion they are facing is from the reserve so they have BTR's instead of BMP's. Team Yankee in the book ALWAYS has luck on its side.
  4. Hi all...I see that some people had the early version map of the Team Yankee scenario. The updated version can be found here... https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-cold-war/cm-cold-war-scenarios/cmcw-team-yankees-first-battle/
  5. Unfortunately, that's where I'm at. Every vehicle had been destroyed and I had to hunt down almost all the survivors to trigger the auto surrender.
  6. Is there a certain level the AI force has to get to? I've been testing some scenarios and the AI never surrenders no matter what happens.
  7. Hey all... how do I get the scenario to automatically end when an AI force level gets to a certain point? Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  8. The way Team Yankee is deployed and the way the Soviets just blindly charge at them doesn't give Ivan much chance. I'm working on a campaign and hopefully I can give them a better chance in later battles.
  9. I knew there had to be something like this but I couldn't find it.
  10. Yeah, that does tend to be the result of this one.
  11. If I can figure out how to make a campaign I'd like to go through the whole novel.
  12. Hi...I think I need to make that more clear in the briefing. You should call in the arty during the initial setup. Anything else and Ivan might have too much of a start.
  13. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-cold-war/cm-cold-war-scenarios/cmcw-team-yankees-first-battle/ This is a recreation of the opening battle in the novel "Team Yankee". There aren't many options for the Soviets and Team Yankee has all the advantages...this time.
  14. The lead elements of a smashed Soviet motor rifle battalion.
  15. Hi...working on a scenario and trying to get AI units to hold fire (even though they may see enemy units in range) until they reach a certain spot. Is this possible?
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