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  1. Hello Gentleman, So I'm the guy who made that scenario. First, I'm glad you enjoy it. Second, I haven't actually played Black Sea almost since then and was thinking about that scenario and getting back and maybe updating it. If you don't mind my asking, what did you find "gamey"? Thanks
  2. Sorry burroughs, I only made it for single player from the Blue side. I feel like that forces are balanced for h2h though. czarejs
  3. Hi guys...thanks for trying it out. I can't take credit for the map it was one of the quick battle maps. I added trees in some areas to block line of sight but other than that didn't touch it. I think that it is tough for the US at the beginning, especially if you don't know what's coming. I was trying to get an ebb and flow situation going.
  4. Hi everyone. So I thought I give creating a scenario a try and came up with this. It's a large scenario and was totally my first attempt ever. It took a few days to show up on the repository and then I was on vacation when it did. I played it as many times as I could. So I thought I'd let you people give a try testing it. It is Blue only and comments, critiques would be welcome.
  5. Sorry Splinty I worded my question wrong. What I meant to say was... Is it possible to make AI reinforcements appear in different locations for different IA plans? If "A" Company arrives at one place for one plan, is it possible for it to arrive in a different place for a different plan?
  6. Hi all...I'm working on a new scenario and am wondering if there is a way to make the AI forces start in different locations or are they only able to start in one location. Thanks
  7. From a WIP large scenario titled "Escalation of Violence"
  8. Splinty, are you sure about that? I was unaware of that path you gave and just dropped a mod into a z folder in Data and it did work.
  9. First Mission US Campaign....... to close for comfort
  10. Gentlemen! This is a story you will tell your grandchildren..... and mightily bored they will be!
  11. Bil, Love the report. You said you tested firing at the walls and the tank fired airbursts. There is no way to change that? Really limits your options and seems a bit unrealistic that the crew wouldn't pick the appropriate round to blast a wall.
  12. Great read....as good as Red Storm Rising, with the added bonus of knowing that soon we get to play it as well. : )
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