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  1. Oof.. At least it makes for a funny story! I really enjoy that things can go wrong in sims / realistic games, though sometimes it takes me a while to remember that after something goes wrong for me!
  2. His target was another BMP about 800-900 meters away which was basically the only other target in sight at the time. If it doesn't look like it in the video, he came fairly close to nailing the M60 in front of him (would have been even closer if I didn't reverse the M60 that turn). I was trying to get a good angle of the video that showed both the success and then the failure, but it turns out there's some talent required to effectively display moving gameplay (which I do not have!). Basically I was on high from getting my first kill with the Dragon (partially because I assumed it w
  3. So, I've put a decent amount of time into CMCW today and witnessed a funny thing near the start of a turn, where my emotions went on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I felt obligated to install Bandicam and share a small video of it with you fine people. I'll let the video do the rest! Apologies for the watermark - I might have to look for alternate free software if I want to make more of these in the future
  4. I received A-10 x2 support instead of 155mm howitzer battery support. Almost feels like the AI got the howitzers instead of me with as much death raining down on me!
  5. Thanks for the hard work getting this out, guys. I've done a few years of QA work (with Activision .. bleh) and know how that 'crunch' time feels before/after a release This will be my first CM game in about 18 years after rediscovering the series, so wish me luck!
  6. The file is .rar / .pkg files are dated 4/29/21 on the downloader page, so I submit that those who guessed Thursday the 29th are technically correct! .. Is anyone buying that?
  7. Most hints we've received point that it's STILL an April release, and since this is the last day of April... Wink wink hint hint. Woops! Had to get up for a few minutes and didn't see Elvis had posted a reply already!
  8. Well, it's better than death! Thanks for the links! I'll grab the first one and see how it goes.
  9. I'd have been 1 or 2 at the time, but I grew up on bands like Motley Crue! But is your signature from a Motley Crue song, or was that a bit of a tangent thinking about the 80's?! I was thinking of "Down in It" by NIN Also, regarding Judge Dredd - and please don't be mad with what I'm about to say 😉 - but I got into Judge Dredd with the Stallone movie. While the movie was pretty bad, you could see that there was a huge world to discover in the Judge Dredd universe, and I absolutely stories with rich / complex worlds. I especially like the theory that Judge Dredd is part of the Warhammer 4
  10. Even if Black Sea's scenario might not be too difficult to predict, they do really seem like modern oracles. Fingers crossed that they aren't right on a very, very late Cold War scenario! PS. Your signature is from one of my favorite NIN songs, and I also love your avatar. By law we are friends now.
  11. For the Steam version, it's June. But if you buy it on Battlefront you'll get access access to it in the next few days / next week, hopefully!
  12. I have a strong gut feeling that's saying (err, gurgling?) 'Thursday' the 29th. And my gut is right all of the time, about half the time! 🙂 Here, here! I've always been told we do it because it helped farmers. As much as I respect American farmers, why can't they just wake up at a different time and work with the light instead of altering time itself (for everyone) just to help farmers get 1 more hour in? I realize that a huge portion of the country used to be farmers in the past (~90% in the 1800's, ~40% in the 1900), but it's something like only 1.3% of the population today. Al
  13. This is really great advice! Start small and be realistic! In the hobby of painting (model / miniature), it's pretty common for newbies to run into this issue you're describing too. I will often hear about people who spend substantial amounts of money to buy sable brushes, paint sets, airbrush(s), etc.. But when they find out that they are no good at painting they tend to give up, and I don't think many return because the gap between reality and expectations becomes perceived as impassable. I say all of this because this is effectively true for most sports, hobbies, games, art, etc.
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