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  1. Thank you - I'll be sure to do this! Any advice with gun-based AA like the Shilka and M163 Vulcan? It would be pretty nice if you could set "anti-aircraft arcs" or something to help eliminate over-application of 20/23mm dakka (and if helicopters were displayed in the game - a man can dream!). Thank you as well - I'll definitely be doing this from now on. I'll have to be wary of transports auto supplying ammo as well. Looks like they can auto supply units up to ~2 tiles away. Outside of my screenshot was my lone Redeye trooper (gunner? missileer? specialist? shooty dood? I like shooty dood) who had just fired off ALL of his ammo as well. And as far as I'm aware, the shooty dood didn't score a single hit and definitely did not discourage the enemy one bit, because they remained in the sky doing gun runs and rocket attacks on me over the next few turns. It really feels as if Redeyes are just extra large roman candles.
  2. I had the Vulcans auto-firing - I wasn't aware you could manually choose air targets (new to the 'new' games!). How do you do that?!
  3. Interestingly, none of them managed to down the enemy helicopter even after using up all of their ammunition!
  4. Thanks for the patch and post-release work on the game! I haven't gotten to play it as much as I want to, but I really love it. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but I have a small log of bugs or issues I've found and documented in the game (I did QA work in the past - it ruined me!). Is there a specific place or email address or maybe forum that I should submit the document to?
  5. I don't think I have the save, but the 'best' I've gotten is taking out 2 unbuttoned BMP's with 1 tank round in the final mission of the NTC campaign. The shot came from pretty much straight on the side of the BMP, went through the new meat-based internal armor system and knocked out the 2nd BMP that was lined up on the other side. I couldn't see a round passing through, so I assume that instead of penetrating through both, the first BMP's ammo detonated and the explosion was massive enough to knock out the 2nd BMP. I might be wrong, but I suspect modern rounds may have less of a tendency to over-penetrate like rounds of the past would/could in some cases, with advanced fuses and all of that. But it would be fun to test! I might have to make a video of it one of these days if it produces interesting results! Now this makes me wonder if there's a way to inspect a vehicle after a battle to see details on how it died, more than simply the name of what killed it? I'm a bit spoiled by Graviteam games where it shows penetrations / partial penetrations / deflects in pretty great detail (attached image to demonstrate)
  6. Oof.. At least it makes for a funny story! I really enjoy that things can go wrong in sims / realistic games, though sometimes it takes me a while to remember that after something goes wrong for me!
  7. His target was another BMP about 800-900 meters away which was basically the only other target in sight at the time. If it doesn't look like it in the video, he came fairly close to nailing the M60 in front of him (would have been even closer if I didn't reverse the M60 that turn). I was trying to get a good angle of the video that showed both the success and then the failure, but it turns out there's some talent required to effectively display moving gameplay (which I do not have!). Basically I was on high from getting my first kill with the Dragon (partially because I assumed it was going to fail with what I've read about it), and then #2 comes along with his "Limp Dragon" shot that almost results in a blue on blue kill.. I set up Geforce Experience and got Shadowplay running now - I'll give that a whirl the next time I feel like recording something. Thank you for the recommendation! Finally, as unreliable as the Dragon can be, I've gotten pretty good results out of it. I'm starting to learn you want to hit targets from their sides instead of front on (I mean, it sounds obvious when I write it..
  8. So, I've put a decent amount of time into CMCW today and witnessed a funny thing near the start of a turn, where my emotions went on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I felt obligated to install Bandicam and share a small video of it with you fine people. I'll let the video do the rest! Apologies for the watermark - I might have to look for alternate free software if I want to make more of these in the future
  9. I received A-10 x2 support instead of 155mm howitzer battery support. Almost feels like the AI got the howitzers instead of me with as much death raining down on me!
  10. Thanks for the hard work getting this out, guys. I've done a few years of QA work (with Activision .. bleh) and know how that 'crunch' time feels before/after a release This will be my first CM game in about 18 years after rediscovering the series, so wish me luck!
  11. The file is .rar / .pkg files are dated 4/29/21 on the downloader page, so I submit that those who guessed Thursday the 29th are technically correct! .. Is anyone buying that?
  12. Most hints we've received point that it's STILL an April release, and since this is the last day of April... Wink wink hint hint. Woops! Had to get up for a few minutes and didn't see Elvis had posted a reply already!
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