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  1. Perhaps should've posted it here instead, but The Bovington Tank Museum has a video series of on Soviet cold-war era tanks:
  2. For those interested, yet unaware, The (Bovington) Tank Museum has a vast series of "Tank Chats" videos on their YouTube channel discussing various (mostly WW2-era) armored vehicles. Recently however, they've been going though Soviet cold-war era tanks - posting one about the T-72 just yesterday. The series is well worth the watch, even if you hardly play as OPFOR - these have a fantastic mix of technical detail and historic context.
  3. Yes, completely true. Therefore should be a complete non-issue to add it to the other NATO countries. However, if you currently play a quick battle as the Canadians you won't get an option to purchase anything non-Canadian. To best honest, I'd rather get an option to select "All Blue" and "All Red" forces as combatants in a quick battle setup. That would then also allow multi-national NATO ops, as well as a Syrian Army+UNCON mix, with the side-effect of giving Canadians and the Dutch some UAV's in QBs. You're right - the MQ-1C might've been developed in 2004, but seem
  4. +1 Indeed. I am surprised they didn't add the Gray Eagle, since it's been around well before 2008. It would be nice to see other NATO drones as well. In 2008 in Afghanistan the Canadians were extensively using the SAGEM Sperwer and the RQ-11 Raven. Additionally:
  5. Yeah, but a wrong vest, Mikey! That OG LBV was fully discontinued by 2003. In fact it was discontinued with such extreme prejudice that even the Army Cadets didn't get them. I think they were all cut-up and sold as textile-scrap to recyclers. The odds of finding one of those vests on a paintball field in Canada, let alone an overseas operation in 2007~2008 is nil. Only to prove my point - here's the high-res version of this very photo. Those troops are (mostly) wearing the new CADPAT TacVest and two on the right are wearing some COTS gear. And even then, those two are M203 gu
  6. Abdul-Jalil and his battered T-72 - 1 part good position, 1 part unyielding AI plans:
  7. That was my experience playing H2H back in CMSF:1 days. While it's still possible to have fun as Red, it's either from the hopeless comedy of "10 min into the battle and my entire tank company is already on fire" or the occasional rare events such as "an Abrams parks next to a KO'ed BMP3 just as it detonates with the power of an areal bomb, KOing the M1". My advice is to try playing Red-vs-Red - that's what we did with my few buddies a decade ago and it was a blast! Truth be told, other than running through the campaigns and some community scenarios I rarely play BLUFOR. The bea
  8. While true, point still remains - there is absolutely no reason why the OG LBV should be worn by the CAF troops in CMSF. @MikeyD - any insight into this?
  9. Most certainly intended that way, yes 😆 Apologies if anyone is reading this post in a serious tone, I'll go back to eating my pineapple pizza now ðŸĪŠ
  10. I don't want to alarm anyone, but there appears to be a HUGE problem with the Canadian uniforms in CMSF:2. Have a look at these fellas that greeted me when I loaded up the Cunuckian campaign: Year 2008. Arid CADPAT - check. C7A2s - check. BEWs - check. Olive green Load Bearing Vest circa Bosnia 1994 ... what in the tabarnak is this? Alright, drama for the sake of comedy aside, this is a strange one considering in CMSF:1 Canadian troops were (correctly) represented as wearing all Arid CADPAT gear. Where as it seems for CMSF:2 a conscious decision was made to change the Canad
  11. It was a fairly simple scenario, another RvR H2H: "The scenario takes place on the evening of 17 May 1995 after a Federal Mi-8 transport helicopter is shot down over a Guerrilla controlled mountain region in South Chechnya. The Company sized engagement is between the Russian Federal forces attempting a rescue and Chechen Guerrilla forces advancing on the crash site to eliminate survivors and gather intelligence." More or less a conscript BTR company walking into a rebel fighter ambush attempting to rescue Spetnaz survivors defending the crash site.
  12. Here you go - uploaded the entire archive (400Mb compressed) for your viewing pleasure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tQzcIe4b8lJnQ3tBX2yEfjoCnY4O7RXa/view?usp=sharing Red Rebels and Rus Spetznaz are my handy work; credit for the rest goes to all the respective amazing folks. Shameless self-indulgence follows. Apparently the "Red Rebels" were so revolutionary (pun intended, sorry) back in the day, that MikeyD even had this to say: followed then by his own rendition of a Rebel skin: 😄😄
  13. The full name is most likely either "Chechen War - Black Bear Down" or "RvR Chechen War - Black Bear Down". Can you check please? I would actually be interested in getting it back as well.
  14. Sounds good, glad to hear it works for someone other than me. Now that I look at the BFC website, seems like v2.03 is the latest patch listed on the CMSF:2 website (https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/cmsf2-base-game/?tab=patches). Where as v2.04 is indeed the latest patch listed on https://www.battlefront.com/patches. I wonder if this is what has some folks thinking that v2.03 is the latest.
  15. @Erwin, @Vergeltungswaffe, @37mm - have any of you guys tried running this scenario? Someone over at the Scenario Depot (down in the comments) can't even see the scenario show up in their game. I wonder if there is something off on my end. I'm running CMSF:2 v2.04 (Game Engine 4) - Steam version, if that makes a difference.
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