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  1. Just curious as I am only on CMBN and that seems to exclude winter scenarios. Are ALL the roads still plowed after snow storms? In CM1 I think the Germans lost because they had to maintain a 2 plow front!
  2. I thought I might be able to figure this out but what is a "circular arc" at best I can only get 1/2 circle arcs?
  3. No. 2 is too true. I have trouble finishing scenarios because either I am too beat up or it just gets boring and of course that's when I get careless and... unfinished games all other the place. However No. 8 is the most fun! Fighting in the woods is the best.
  4. It would strike me that if your ATG can see for 1000m one should be firing at 1000m. Otherwise why have that much of a view?
  5. Hadn't thought of that! Good idea cause that happens a lot.
  6. Thanks so much @Lucky Strike To paraphrase Henry Higgins: I believe I've got it! Forgot to add - Love the Hedgerows. I went easy on my aging laptop.
  7. This is what it looks like with that gap filled. Pulling 1 squad back to eliminate clustering.
  8. Here is the follow up. I will try again with fewer men. First Contact 47:05 Last shot fired 44:54 1 Axis platoon kaput. Roll Call 44:36 1 dead, 1 causality, 1 fighting wounded.
  9. As a musician I like to do drills. As I have no military experience (I know how to march) I have had to invent my own. I loved CM from the moment I first played it 20 years ago. For a drillI I started making small maps like this one from my favourite scenarios and run them. I find the game to be absolutely a game of detail. These maps help me preserve those details. The blue MOVE line represents ALL the waypoints within this particular area. The red TARGET line shows the vulnerable exposed LOF. The yellow TARGETLightly represent the optimal firing positions( OFP?). What I fin
  10. Well well! I will take this over to CMBN board and start again.
  11. @CaptainTheDark Beautiful! Thank you! I was getting sick of myself over this. That is until they yielded me @Lucky Strike's cat photo which I still can't get over how much I love it (and I hate cute animals pics). I will parse your wonderful instructions but must admit I went questing for your Hedgerow Hell MODS. I beg you to show me where I can get some! Yours, presently in hedgerow hell waiting release...
  12. @Lucky Strike Not sure what I signed up for but all I've gotten is this link for giving what might be my soul to them! Is there a trick to turning it into what you did? https://imgur.com/a/B8whnrk
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