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Flavor objects in CM:Normandy

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I thought I’d do a wish list for flavor objects for the “Normandy” game while we’re still able to influence the development process. A wish list was done for CMSF after the initial release but by that time it was already too late for either technical reasons such as scenario compatibility or having it just be too low a priority.

First here is a list of CMSG flavor objects and how they might relate to CM Normandy.


Air conditioners -not needed

ATM –not needed

Barrel- Need wood barrel, not blue plastic

Bench- what we have now is a bus stop bench which we don’t need. Maybe a simpler wooden one? Low priority

Trash Bin-not needed

Crate- needed

Oil Drum- certainly less common. Would be useful around a fuel depot.

Junk- always need junk.

Fountain- small fountains certainly much less common. A big one might be useful but low priority. Would it cease being a flavor object if it was large?

Pallets- less common but still useful.

Logs- needed


Road signs- needed but made of wood of course.

Poles- these are the short metal ones. I don’t think they existed.

Pond- low priority.

Rock- needed.

Sack- very useful

Street lights- different style but certainly needed.

Tires- replace with wagon wheel?

Bus Shelter- probably not needed.

Stump- needed

Traffic light- certainly less common and different style.

Telephone pole- needed.

Next we have items that were on people’s CMSF wish lists in these forums:

Dead Cows- would be cool and is actually a running joke on these forums along with the cowbells.

Haystacks. Too big to be a flavor object?

Out houses- certainly present but would it really be a very small unenterable building that can block line of sight

Horse wagons/carts- same as above.

Water trough- useful

Well- hand water pump- certainly nice to have- could a well provide cover?

Clothes line with clothes hanging-


Tractor- too big for a flavor object?

Pile of fire wood

Abandoned but not destroyed cars- again too big?

Suggested new terrain types/objects:

Cemetary with headstones.

Leaf layer for woods.

Plowed earth

wheat fields


Wood fence

Wrought iron fence.


Apple trees

Thanks to Mord for many of these suggestions.

What would you add to our wish list?

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I see these lists and it almost seems there's some objection to bringing France into the 20th century, Usually no mention of filling station pumps, road signs, advertisements, train crossing gates (if France had train crossing gates). Too bad BFC is (probably) gun shy about using contemporary product logos. There's a famous photo of a father dragging his two daughters to safety between two Shermans at a Shell filling station.

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...Now leaning out of the hayloft and waving her underwear at the liberators.



...But sadly all this time in the hayloft with no bathroom and no toilet paper, her panties have horrible skid marks. Not a deal breaker for sure, but still. :D

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