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  1. Hey Sarge - the film article is discussing exercises conducted with live ammo. If I was looking to make a good guess I'd suggest that the heavy base (the tripod) was being used to provide a more accurate floor on the beaten zone whilst still allowing the operator to use his weapon (Commando's weren't taking Viickers heavies along for this battle._) So as not to kill or maim too many of their own guys during the exercise sort of thing. "Pentapod" might have been the coining I was looking for, but the illiteration...
  2. Did this one make it in those 50 pages? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Zd0Oy8JyQ at 38.40. A query, a quibble that has sat in my mind for twenty years, resolved. Not two, not three, but two and three - I give you a quintapod bren in period film. Safe for work link. Cheers all.
  3. Hoi - CMBO turned up on GoG. cheep - but fair.
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