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  1. Hey Sarge - the film article is discussing exercises conducted with live ammo. If I was looking to make a good guess I'd suggest that the heavy base (the tripod) was being used to provide a more accurate floor on the beaten zone whilst still allowing the operator to use his weapon (Commando's weren't taking Viickers heavies along for this battle._) So as not to kill or maim too many of their own guys during the exercise sort of thing. "Pentapod" might have been the coining I was looking for, but the illiteration...
  2. Did this one make it in those 50 pages? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Zd0Oy8JyQ at 38.40. A query, a quibble that has sat in my mind for twenty years, resolved. Not two, not three, but two and three - I give you a quintapod bren in period film. Safe for work link. Cheers all.
  3. Hoi - CMBO turned up on GoG. cheep - but fair.
  4. ....though not beneath his dignity - whyfore dost thou seek wisdom in the cesspit, overseer? 'tis true, the wholesomeness of dung is yet mis-stood - is seen as the foul, ultimate end as opposed to the beginnings and nourishment of those who would aim small. And one cannot aim smaller than Michael, love him as I do.
  5. 'White man speak with forked tongue.' Well, yes. In fact, this is an extremely astute observation of a man and the language he uses. 'Doublespeak', '.govspeak', Orwell and the dystopias, The Tower of Babel and the inefficiencies inherent in complex, multiple-meanings language. - what the collapse in the structure of [in]efficiencies underpins. Commerce, for example. Tho', there is a realised value in the conveyance of double (or even more) meanings, /s and sometimes that value is negative
  6. Here's the thing - no possible good can come from knighting you. This is understood. But, you've been a squire for some time now, freely abusing the power of the position, fighting various nobodies in pissant, pusillanimous, pas de deuxs. Time to put down the piss-bucket, I say. Where's Boo? How do we make this thing happen? (May God forgive me.)
  7. Out in far right field, where it belongs. The justification sucks around here.
  8. With every attempt at modelling realism BF has to judge whether or not they'll break the game. We already have a large degree of time compression in the mechanics of the game yet we have troops, vehicles and ordnance moving at reasonable or recognisable speeds through the virtual landscape. Balancing these things is not an easy task: in the end, the game is here to entertain us (a fundamental break from a realistic portrayal of war.) The fact that we are discussing the realities is... useful(?), but there is a limit to the realism that can be described by the game.
  9. Jason, greed for loot too. The whole nation was in on that one.
  10. Timing of the NATO build-up seems to be covered (though I think armour from the US might be in short supply for a period if a ship or two was sunk in mid-Atlantic.) How is the use of EMP devices going to be covered? As I see it, this is where one of the biggest problems lies given that Russia can set off a nuke in it's own airspace and not be morally decried for the adoption of asymmetric tactics.
  11. Steve, I think you can take comfort on the moral front with the maxim that "Prediction is not the same as control." We can predict all sorts of outcomes based on the corruption of our political systems (particularly when the knowledge of such is coupled with the understanding of positive feedback loops and the power of human stupidity). Given that quite a few of our problems stem from the inculcation of dependence on the state and the acceptance of someone else's simplistic viewpoint on affairs, it behooves us as intelligent, empathetic individuals to make decisions for reasons that make s
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