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  1. That’s correct this is for ‘hotkeys’ only I don’t see any files for changing mouse button use.
  2. I like the RTS camera because you can right click to bring up command menus rather than tapping the space bar all the time, unfortunately the mouse wheel zooms in and out rather than changing height and it’s not something that can be adjusted in a text file.
  3. What size is your v3 zip file? Mine is ~10gb which contains the updated modules, after installing you should then just have to use the activation tool and put your CW and MG codes in.
  4. Have you activated CW and MG? 3.0 should add an activate modules icon to your desktop with the CMBN star symbol.
  5. I've tried CMFB and CMBS both get the same error.
  6. Exact same problem, I couldn't find the activate utility but at least I now know where it is. Tried upgrade key and says it's invalid, the base game key works but when I launch I get the same problem.
  7. Terrific work Worghern! Are you planning to mod any of the other seasons?
  8. What's with the infantry pathfinding around the tightly spaced buildings approaching Stavelot Square? I'm talking about the group of three and four story ones with a walled courtyard in the middle. My troops are given an order to enter a neighbouring building with an obvious door on the outside yet run around the entire block to try and enter from the other side getting wiped out in the process. Are these doors painted on or something?
  9. I'd like to see a CM based on the Six Day and/or Yom Kippur wars but I vaguely remember Steve saying they would avoid those conflicts.
  10. Where do I find BTR's mod? Edit: Sorry found it.
  11. If this game is going to feature a lot of urban fighting can BFC please consider adding an 'assault building' action button. Maybe something where the troops throw grenades through windows and enter in a hunt type fashion? I still have nightmares from trying to clear those dense urban areas in CMSF
  12. Nice to hear you've taken this into account, it's a great idea.
  13. I agree with Erwin the game needs to be fun to wide variety of players to remain viable. Otherwise new players aren't going to hang around long enough to become elite beta tester skill level.
  14. I'm starting to think scenario designers egos are getting in the way of gaming enjoyment. What happened to this being a fun hobby? I just lost the second scenario with a tactical defeat, I was trying to be conservative with my weak force but the defenders held on despite massive mortar strikes. I didn't loose too many troops but couldn't control the objective against the fanatics when the time ran out. Think I'll give up and start again.
  15. You did well to knock out the AT gun without a tank loss. You got more KIA than me but I lost a tank.
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