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  1. That’s correct this is for ‘hotkeys’ only I don’t see any files for changing mouse button use.
  2. I like the RTS camera because you can right click to bring up command menus rather than tapping the space bar all the time, unfortunately the mouse wheel zooms in and out rather than changing height and it’s not something that can be adjusted in a text file.
  3. What size is your v3 zip file? Mine is ~10gb which contains the updated modules, after installing you should then just have to use the activation tool and put your CW and MG codes in.
  4. Have you activated CW and MG? 3.0 should add an activate modules icon to your desktop with the CMBN star symbol.
  5. The thing I didn't like about the GT games is that infantry were just tank fodder, you could drive unescorted tanks around the map spotting and wiping out infantry with little fear, something you'd avoid in CM.
  6. Problem is if scenario designers start beefing up the experience and motivation of defenders to get them to hold position and then BFC decide to edit the code to get defenders to hold position longer in foxholes/trenches/buildings we could be fighting some very tough dug in defenders. I like the new dynamic of troops fleeing from a barrage too many times before men of average quality with shattered morale would hold till the last, it just needs tweaking a little.
  7. I hope they can get this feature working for walls, in urban terrain this would be very helpful especially when assaulting walled compounds.
  8. I think the new evade AI has made the game easier for scenarios where you have to attack the defending cpu (which is most scenarios). If I know enemy troops are in buildings or foxholes I call in a medium strength artillery barrage and put troops on overwatch of the area. In my experience with 4.0 the defenders will now leave their fortified positions and run out into the streets to be taken out by the artiy or picked off by my troops in overwatch. Before 4.0 you know you'd have to go into the town and weed out the stubborn survivers. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing but it does
  9. Is the new peaking feature strictly for buildings or does it happen on wall edges as well? I'm yet to see it happen so suspect it's not included. Was this something that was tested but didn't work out or just not considered? I think it would have been a great addition to the game.
  10. I've always found this behaviour to be the case before the upgrade, I'd have to manually change move orders to stop them sneaking, maybe I've missed just missed this feature?
  11. I've tried CMFB and CMBS both get the same error.
  12. Exact same problem, I couldn't find the activate utility but at least I now know where it is. Tried upgrade key and says it's invalid, the base game key works but when I launch I get the same problem.
  13. I'm pretty sure my ISP is blocking bit.ly so I'll just have to wait for another source By the way how do you match the file tags with months of the year, I know the terrain is tagged Autumn, Cold, Winter and Snow, but not sure which months the Cold relate to.
  14. SeinfeldRules, nice work but any chance of posting this at cmmods the link above appears to be broken?
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