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  1. That's because of the chocolate you guys make. Everybody likes chocolate.
  2. I LOVE this mod! Thanks alot, TC! btw, concerning the UAZ door writing, is it possible the writing is mirrored on the model?
  3. A small correction: after selecting the movement command, it's a LEFT-click on the vehicle, then a right-click to confirm the order (unless you're left-handed?)
  4. AI plans still confuse me to some degree, but here's some of my observations: If I use a "exit after +0", "exit before +5" and put a waypoint on the other side of the map, there is no chance the unit will get there before. let's say 10 minutes. So, even if the next order would state "exit after +5" and "exit before +10" they could never make it there in time, and will continue immediately to the next WP as soon as they arrive at the waypoint. And if some units arrive at the second waypoint at +7 and some later. The units arriving at the waypoint earlier seem to wait for the others to arr
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