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  1. Combat Mission: Czar's Gambit Combat Mission: DEFCON Ukraine Combat Mission: Waking the Bear
  2. I did some digging in my Zalogas, and it seems the main reason why none of the M10s from Tunesia were used in Sicily was a heated argument about the usefulness of self-propelled TDs. A number of influencial Generals, including Patton and Bradley were not impressed by the performance of TDs in North Africa and the advocats of artillery, led by General McNair, head of Army Ground Forces and an artilleryman himself, firmly believed in AT guns, dismissing the advantages of self-propelled TDs. The general(s') opinion was that the best way to deal with enemy tanks was to use tanks on the offens
  3. So, if I were to ask to include covert Mafia operatives for the Americans we'd get those?
  4. I know there weren't any M10 tank destroyers deployed during the Sicily campaign - but since the model is already in CMBN, maybe it would be possible to add M10s to CMFI anyway? As little bonus vehicle for use in QBs and the scenario editor? Pretty please?
  5. Agree. I'm missing this feature, too. It would be nice if BF could reconsider it's decision to leave it out.
  6. Hopefully hcrof has left me some test subjects for playtesting a scenario... Battle in question would be UK attack vs. Red AI, combined arms, 60mins, approx. 2 companies each. Any volunteers drop me a message. Feedback about the usual stuff (scenario length, force balance, victory point allocation, &c) would be welcome.
  7. Thanks, but I've decided to stick with the stock buildings as containers.
  8. Thanks, I already found the Camel I was looking for a texture overlay (purely cosmetic) to use for a military camp. I reckoned a tent would look better than a normal building, though it would be a very well protected tent, indeed. Perhaps a container would be a better solution, but I suppose there is no CHU mod out there, neither(?)
  9. Does anyone happen to know if there was a tent mod made for CMSF buildings? Thanks.
  10. and the last one... Pulp Fiction reeactment: poor marvin
  11. next batch: green, yellow, red and, uh... orange? 2007 classic: invisible boat mobile always remember: use your handbrake when parking on a slope REVEALED: CMx2 WWII code tested in Syria! Hurry up, before they notice!
  12. and some more... Tinker Belle New US supertank with slat cage and twin mounted M2 Dukes of Hazard reenactment: Yeeehaw! modding screw-up: back in five minutes clumsy soldier
  13. The pic in this thread here http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=92913 made me remember that I've seen that pose somewhere already, and I finally dug out a couple of old screenshot funnies (in no particular order): somebody farted most accidents happen at home Black Hawk Down reenactment: stay away from the walls! Give up! You're surrounded! That's the spirit!
  14. Some sort of poster/sign, which could be attached to building walls - similar to the way the ATM works now. If it could be done, some larger signs for upper floors could be used to create stores and such.
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