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**** ROW V (Part 2) ****


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Melnibone : Don't let those napkins fall into enemy hands Soldier!


Not to worry Melnibone.

Napkins are all coded in French! I got a "D" in French horn. Why do think I am going back to St.Edouards ?

The handkerchief savoir-faire strategy was serviceable.

I got FOW into FOW and across FOW!

Sorry for the FOW but no spoiler slips from these lips. I would never mention the hidden 'the pillar of heavenly fire' Rambo style scenario augmentation that may be included in all the ROW V scenarios.

Dawg on a bicycle

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lol...and I thought it was just the scenario designers who were...shall we say...mentally unbalanced . I fear these games are pushing you closer to the abyss...

lol... What makes you think I am not one of the scenario designers?

The abyss, the gorge, the chasm I am of late encountering has a very Evil Bridge across it but that changes several times a day… or night. At times the perdition appears to be St.Edouards. Then things melt and up from the gorge the Highlanders are pushing me back to recover in the salty air of Maleme. It all swirls and swirls into a very Wet Triangle of chaos.

It is not the voices, the screams of OH… ROW is me! That can make some "mentally unbalanced".

The disturbing fragment is somehow …my CM interface has been converted to… FRENCH!

Has it happened to anyone else yet?

I got a "D" in French toast you know.

Dawg on Soy Nuts

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Gratified I could be of assistance Melnibone. Very much like your signature good fellow.

"I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous scenarios out of the hands of people who can’t ROW-L over laughing."

I am certain the genuine ROW V scenario designers are guffawing. They made need a mild sedative when the AARs begin to arrive. Too much laughter and folks label you as nuts or sumpin… at least that is what the Doctor declares. He is French you know.

Melnibone … Group 12 Situation - Loud explodey munitions of all calibres are falling on me relentlessly in all games.

Are you sure you are not in Group 7?

Déjà vu … Maybe I need more ECT but I coulda sworn that was my encounter as well!

Dawg on the Mush

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I know St. Edouard's was a hellish nightmare that need not be revisited without the aid of some mind altering assistance. (At least for me) smile.gif But that was our battle. Remember the darkness, the fog, the mud, the explosions, my troops crying out at the horror ... (Er, that might have been me crying out)

I've got Michael Dorosh for Moltke and PittPanther for Maleme.

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Group 11

Wet Triangle - Game complete, AAR complete

Highlanders in Hell - Game complete

St. Edouard's Sanitorium - Game complete

Push to Maleme - Turn 7

Across Moltke Bridge - Setup

How's everyone else in Group 11 doing?

Well for me it reads.......

Wet Triangle - Game complete, AAR complete

Highlanders in Hell - Well on. Running as fast as I can!

St. Edouard's Sanitorium - Slow, turn 7 or 8 I think, haven't opened the game for a while so not sure. Awaiting files.

Push to Maleme - Slow, turn 4 or 5.

Across Moltke Bridge - Getting along fine, if it wasn't for the damned smoke!!

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Dawg’s ROW V - Group 7 – Workbench Contests


Sea Side Vacation at Maleme = 76%

Moist figure formed by two lines + one =50%

‘Space Lobsters of Doom: Urban Renewal – Evil Bridge!’ = 46%

Highlanders Hiding in their about to become Hell = 24%

St. Edouards Bedtime ECT a/k/a Night of the Animated Anesthetized= 17%

Is there a way to make extra points beyond the 5 Million word AAR? Maybe we can have an all expense paid ‘legislative junket & golf tour’ for the scenario designers…. To … France? Or maybe … Alaska? Great rates to Alaska now.

Dawg still on the Mush – Moves latter tonight Group 7 colleagues

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