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  1. The crew spike their tank's main gun to avoid it being used against their countrymen then realise that they still have a miniscule chace of holding off the battalion of SS by copying a tactic they heard about from a Ranger guy who fought near Carentan soon after D-Day. They then proceded to gather all the tank's HE shells in a stockpile and whack the base of one with the intent of lobbing it at the approaching enemy to blow them all sky high. Unfortunately they forgot that the original story applied to small mortar ammo. rather than proper HE shells and blew themselves all to smithereens wi
  2. I haven't even seen the film but from the shorts the thing that struck me was, does this SS battalion not have a single grenade between them? When one of them opens the top hatch to the Sherman surely the first thing that would get lobbed in would be a flurry of grenades rather than poking ones head over the rim to get a face full of bullets! Also, no panzerfausts? No grenade bundles? No means to destroy an immobilized tank at all? This is an SS formation afterall, not a bleeding' Ost formation. Regards KR
  3. I didn't notice the Hellfire missiles on those border protection drones. Are they serious about the problem or not? Regards KR
  4. Loved the comment in the Amazon reviews that JonS linked to where some guy is sooo looking forward to his Waterboarding game... "fun for all the family!. Regards KR
  5. And to think that a guy with the moniker of eichenbaum who used to post here had a working version of a campaign system for CMBB but when he offered to develop it further with a little help from the BFC guys he was basically told to sod off! Such a pity and an opportunity lost IMO. Regards Jim R.
  6. Very good summary. Thanks Jason C. Regards Jim R.
  7. O.K., I stand corrected then. I honestly thought that any remnants of Fallschirmjager units were miles away from Berlin by that stage of the war. Thanks for the info. and it just goes to show how much trouble you scenario designers go to to get it right. Regards Jim R.
  8. My personal favourite was between St Edouards & Highlanders in Hell mainly because they gave both sides a chance if you were on your game. Night fighting is always tricky but the ebb & flow of St Ed's was brilliant while I really liked the idea of an understrength and fairly green force defending against gobs of good German infantry & AFV's on the attack but with limited time to achieve their objectives. The decent arty spotter for the British made all the difference in that one. I thought Moltke Bridge was probably fairly historical in the feel of the way it played but it stil
  9. Engineers only sit & look at barbedwire & roadblocks to admire their asthetic appearance but never to physically do anything about them. Regards Jim R.
  10. Especially if that target is a JgPz IV/70 or a Jagdpanther! Regards Jim R.
  11. G'day Jeff, great scenario which I thought fitted the ROW style superbly. Unfortunately my experience was somewhat tarnished by not being able to complete the last 15 turns before the deadline but it was very enjoyable up to that point. I just thought I'd point out that your Allied briefing already mentioned (from memory) that there were two Flak guns defending the bridge so I was perplexed when I couldn't locate the 2nd Flak gun after much furtive hunting around. Overall the scenario was based on a great premise with lots of flexibility required in handling ones forces to achieve a v
  12. I don't like the sound of those "V.B" launchers. I'm buggered if I can see how launching bottles of "V.B." (Victoria Bitter) would do much harm to a tank. :confused: Regards Jim R.
  13. No, how many? Depending on their numbers I may just change my screen name to something containing a whole lot of letters using umlauts in sequence to see if I have any luck. Regards Jim R. P.S. Does the Finnish language work something like the more letters with umlauts in your name the more virile you're supposed to be?
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