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  1. Alright you Germans. It looks like I been thrown into the fray yet again and I need an opponent for the Noon D2 battle. Who's available?
  2. 3 km west battle complete and file sent to Jason. AAR to follow. That should be it for 6 am. Good battle Akula.
  3. I understand from the email from Adam that the 3 km west battle still needs to be resolved. I have the battle setup. Which German is going to attack?
  4. Has the 3km West battle been resolved? If not send this Russian an email.
  5. Sandy lives in London (GMT) and is having trouble linking up with a player on the German side that has time when he is available.
  6. 6am - 3.5 km West battle versus Michael Dorosh just completed. AAR and file on the way.
  7. After two false starts because of connection problems and then a total power failure at my location the 6 AM East Flank battle was completed. First one down.
  8. Hehe, I've been doing that. Just being lazy and wanted a cool grid so I could just count squares. [ April 16, 2005, 03:50 PM: Message edited by: Platehead ]
  9. Since CMMODS is down, does anyone have a copy of a grid mod that would help judge distance on the operational map?
  10. Count me in, preferably as a junior tactical commander on the Allied side but willing to take on any role needed.
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