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  1. Appreciate the continued input, but have settled my mind that it was a Hercules with extra fuel nacelles, hopefully on its way to some sort of covert op against Wisconsin or Minnesota. Definitely a prop sound, JP Jones, which is why I ran out to look at it in the first place. It was definitely not a Gigant, or some Blohm and Voss variant, Wicky, though I like that picture. Now, there was a time about 10 years ago when I was still living in Chicago when I was walking down the street and heard a distinctive propeller sound, and looked overhead to see a Ju 52. I was so taken that I walked i
  2. I'm thinking Elmar must be right. I've seen a Hercules overhead before - during the Air and Water show a few years ago, the Blue Angels' one passed overhead when landing. All six nacelles sure looked the same, but like I mentioned, it was flying away, I only had a rear view, and there don't appear to be any other candidates, so it probably was the C-130. Many of the locals complain about O'Hare noise, and the pending expansion, but I see it as a plus. What was really strange was in the post-9/11 days, when there was no airtraffic for awhile, and it was so quiet.
  3. I live within 10 miles of O'Hare Airport, and directly in line with one of the runways, which makes for occasionally noisy moments, but some rewarding ones as well. I believe its runway L22, which is one of the shorter ones, so we don't often get 747s or A-340s, though they do show up on occasion. It was, however, the runway that the A-380 landed on last year in a bit of a surprise in its first O'Hare visit, but regrettably I was not home to see it. Anyway, was making coffee in the kitchen this morning and heard a distinctive propeller sound, which I had not heard before, and ran out side
  4. Congrats to all the winners, and especially KR, whose victory I had no small part in contributing to. Thanks to TB, Winecape and the whole B&T team. I am fortunate that the bitter taste of defeat in the finals will soon be washed by the sweet taste of victory in ROW III. Or not. Either way it'll be a blast.
  5. Further clarification, for those outlanders. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say just "New York Yankees". It is either "New York friggin' Yankees" or "friggin' New York Yankees", or less common, "New friggin' York Yankees" (Shakespeare?).
  6. OK, last game finished, all reports sent into Treeburst. As a priority, wanted to express thanks again to all involved in setting this up and putting together a bunch of fun scenarios, which were challenging and frustrating and rewarding in turns. Kudos to Treeburst, whose effort and dedication is nothing but remarkable. I wanted to add that finishing these final scenarios also brought with it a measure of sadness, as it is also the passing of CMBO as the primary game in my life. Like many others, I'm still warming to CMBB and just beginning to appreciate its depth and possibilities, and
  7. Made the mistake of renting 'Windtalkers' last night and watching that instead of playing CM. I just wish I was supplied in my ROW games with those 37mm guns that cause Sturmtiger explosions that the Japanese had in the movie. Anyway, was too tired and buzzed after the movie to process turns, but have atoned this morning by sending turns to CA and KR, both games of which are in the nitty-gritty stage. Looking forward to catching up to Mick Oz here in a few days, too.
  8. I thought this was a normal, run-of-the-mill work day until I got back to the office and fired up the board. This thread has been a blast reading, thanks for the goodies, BTS. In the interest of keeping things going, hmm, I wonder what a blizzard looks like? Or an ice-bound Opel or PzIII. [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Spanish Bombs ]</p>
  9. Looking forward to the first "Sikh Turban Mod".
  10. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Treeburst155: Just in case you are serious, you don't really get the flags, you just split the unclaimed victory points. The flags were both contested. The points for both will therefore be split between you. Treeburst155 out.<hr></blockquote> Got ya.
  11. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Treeburst155: Combined Arms and Spanish Bombs, Yes, the scoring formula will give one flag to your opponent and one to you. For the reasoning behind all this see page 3 post by JPS here Treeburst155 out.<hr></blockquote> OK, I get it now. I think I had read that before but hadn't remembered it because thinking about it made my head hurt. But, through the pain, I see logic. Now, the only question is, which flag do I get? I'll take the one on the right.
  12. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by CombinedArms: Just what IS the "?" flag steal? I guess my mind isn't gamey enough. I just had a game end with two "?" flags, so I find this particularly relevant. Given one more turn, I think my opponent would have secured one of the flags and I would have secured the other. Would that result in identical scores to the ones we now have (I think it would) or different scores???<hr></blockquote> Yeah, what he said. Although I would point out that neither of the flags in question in that scenario were the res
  13. My eyewitness report would be as follows: The only thing disappointing about the evening was that not enough people showed up, but, alas, it was their loss. Lawyer was very gracious and gave me two movies, Memphis Belle and Kelly's Heroes, both of which are classics in my book and will be used as ammunition in trying to talk my wife into buying a bigger screen TV. I will say this about Lawyer, he seems to have overcome the great adversity that was his undergraduate education (perhaps by attending a stellar law school). The Rune/John Candy connection had escaped me at the first Chicago
  14. Well, the first one was pretty fun and wouldn't want to miss this one, and can't let Lawyer be the only lawyer there. I have plans to see a concert that night in the city anyway, but that doesn't start until 7:30 and I plan on being fashionably late anyhow. Looking forward to it, but I also wouldn't let my wife anywheres near the shopping areas down there....
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