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**** ROW V (Part 2) ****


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Melnibone … can I start to cut down on the medication now?

Why would you want to do that?

Kingfish … No, have the doctor issue you a new prescription, this time for one twice as strong

I would want to do that!

Kingfish … Deadline for both games and AARs is June. I can't calculate the total scores and announce the finalists without first factoring in the AAR bonus.

Maleme – 100%

Evil Bridge – 100%

Hell - 76%

Wet - 75%

St Edouards – 34% (It is dark in there and I can’t fine me torch… )

Are there any ROW V post skirmish ‘I swear I wrote da AAR myself…’ or drug testing issues one need prepare for? I really never used roids in any of my ROW V Scenarios. I got a C+ in English Literature you know?

Dawg a/k/a Teufel Hunden (nice tattoo) … und immer eine steife Brise!

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I tried to explain to the doctor that, "The finals will be here soon…" Please double dose me. No prospect on the prescription(s) till da Dr. knows just how much pain and suffering I will endure. Any best estimates on what the ROW V finals will encompass?

Dawg … Peeking into the FOW

AAR #1: "It was a dark and stormy night on a very Evil Bridge." How many extra points can I snag for dat?

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What I can tell you is...

3 scenarios. One set in Tunisia, the second in Poland and the third in France. They are all bigger than the regular tourney, both in number of turns and number of units. Map is size is also bigger.

I know that is going against the established standards of what a ROW scenario should be, but then again, this is the last hurrah. I want the old CM engine to go out with a bang, and what better way than to have a map full of things that go bang.

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Three bigger maps full of more things that go bang!

For Tunisia do I need sun screen, shorts and sandals?

For Poland why do I have that ominous "Son of Evil Bridge" only BIGGER impression?

For France will I need a Metro pass?

I agree with the Gentleman from Brocken. Nacht ist nicht gut.

Thanks Kingfish.

Dawg … Mais docteur, j'ai besoin de plus de médicament pour de plus grands conflits.

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