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  1. When I try to apply the multilingual patch it claims that "No installation of Combat Mission 2 was found. You have to install... " and then exits the installation. Same happens even if I copy the patch-exe to CM2 directory and try to run it from there. What is wrong? I definitely have the v1.01 installed, it works just fine. Br, Jukka-Pekka
  2. JasonC - your refined version of Lewis' command restrictions actually seems to be both playable and interesting (i.e. higher experience commanders could have more command points, thus differentiating between e.g. conscript and crack companies at somewhat 'operational' level). I hope BTS checks this thread once more...
  3. Dan & Jaded, count me in as 'pro-LOS-tool'. BTS: nobody is forced to use the tool (c.f. nobody is forced to use fog-of-war OFF option), and in some scenarios it would increase playability a lot. My last game was an operation in which I was attacking a big hill surrounded by many small hills and many small patches of wood. The defending Panther and JadgPanther found a great many openings in the LOS of which I wasn't aware at first (most were situations in which the LOS was over a small patch of trees) that I felt quite frustrated with the close-but-not-really WYSIWYG world of CM. Gre
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