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  1. My boss is a huge CM fan! (but thats because I'm self-employed). In fact, I've probably played more CMAK and CMBB at work than at home over the last few years... And I know Rune's real name mjkerner and didn't see it!
  2. OK, so fate has allotted me about 48 hours of wife- and child-less time starting in T - 6 hours. My choices are either: A) Get caught up on the pile of work at the office that needs to be done; or Immerse myself in CM:RT and ignore everything else. I can't decide which to do, hoping someone else will make the decision for me..... On another point, I don't see Rune listed in the manual credits, I hope that's because he's busy working on other Battlefront projects. Every time a new CM game comes out, I can't help but fondly reflect on the CM:AK, CM:BB and CM:BN Chicago previews.
  3. Nothing like visions of pixelated Germans and Russians setting each other on fire to warm my heart and make a bleak winter day bearable!
  4. I'm playing the scenario but don't appear to be having any issues.
  5. Personally, I'm just thankful that we have a thread on the board that is virtually guaranteed to get Steve to show up and post something, even if its just 'Locking this one up'.
  6. Yes, but I thought part of the point is that these maps can be broken up for smaller scenarios? Is there really any likelihood of playing a scenario on one of the huge maps - that doesn't seem realistic to me.
  7. What about the opposite effect - weren't paratroopers on D-Day given airsickness pills that knocked them out or made them sleepy? Certain cold medications will absolutely floor me and make me useless for half a day - its unimaginable to be living through that while jumping out of a plane into occupied France.
  8. There is a price point where I would not buy the next mod, but Battlefront hasn't come close to hitting it yet (unless you include Shock Force which wasn't my cup of tea and I took a pass on). Very happy with both first families at the moment - room for improvement but just like CMBO a decade + ago, as I got better at it and found good PBEM matches, the game became much more immersive and fun - the difference being that CMBO wasn't being improved like CMBN and FI are.
  9. First scenario I played upon download. Did anybody else notice that the extra road wheels 'stored' on the back of the Brumbarr were rotating when the Brumbarr was moving? I assumed they were accidentally tied in somehow to the animation of the operative road wheels.
  10. So is this the "something nice" that was mentioned before. It certainly qualifies IMHO.
  11. Oh I disagree very much. The Walking Dead is top notch TV - the barn scene in season 2 was an immense emotional payoff for a season that plodded a bit, but Seasons 1 and 3 have been strong. As for recent movies, 28 Days/Weeks Later were very good, and Rec/Rec 2 were outstanding. Zombieland and Shawn of the Dead were pretty funny. Dead Snow has the Nazi Zombie genre pretty well covered, too, though I'll leave it others to point out inaccuracies as to the Zombie Nazi kit (the MG42 looked pretty good to me!). World War Z is the pinnacle of Zombie literature (which is not to say that the
  12. Take a look at the Ubique scenario if you haven't already. Similar concept - though the arty was Sextons, and the delay was caused by hedgerows and terrain - it was pretty fun.
  13. Thanks for the link, a story that warms my capitalistic small business owner's heart and that makes me want to buy more Combat Mission games.
  14. OK, so if I'm definitely buying Market Garden, and will definitely need 2.0 for Market Garden, and the 'upgrade' for Market Garden v 2.0 is $5 for those that don't have 2.0 already, the question is whether paying $5 ($10 current cost of 2.0 - $5 less for MG when it arrives) is worth it to play CMBN and CW between now and MG... Which seems like a no-brainer, and I'm a bit chagrined to have put this much thought into $5, with the caveat that any active/regular PBEM opponents should be pretty much on the same page.
  15. Maybe I'm missing something here, but if you have the hard disc doesn't that save you from having to use up 'activations' in the event you need to reinstall the games? I've had to reinstall CMFI recently (after replacing a video card) and when I did from the physical CD I did not get asked to re-enter my activation code. Just last week I had to reinstall CMBN because something got goofed up on my system with 1.11 update and again, I did not have to use an activation code - the hard copies installed the game without having to enter the code.
  16. OK, thanks Shrullenhaft, that appears to have done the trick. I wasn't asked about the activation, either, but I was installing it from the CD so I assume it isn't an issue.
  17. Hi - I'm getting that error message when I try to upgrade my CM:BN. I'm not sure what that means, or whats gone wrong. FWIW, I've changed video cards since I originally installed CM:BN and CW but didn't have any problems until just now. Perhaps I should just delete and reinstall?
  18. Same problem after changing graphics cards. Sending help ticket now.
  19. My cup runneth over with good news today. With all the projects going on and coming out in the foreseeable future, it crossed my mind that the CM:BN 'odds n sods' module might get lost in the shuffle, but it looks like its still going to happen. I wonder where it might fit in the time frame, with CM:BN having additional 'competition' for my gaming time from CM:FI and the eastern front stuff. One of my biggest 'issues' with CM:BN was that with certain features missing, we were never going to be able to play that era and theater with the game fully developed. Never having fire in 1944 No
  20. Didn't Madmatt used to sorta/kinda serve that role? Am I even allowed to mention his name here anymore? Hinting at something big then going all silent-like is borderline cruel. Of course Moon said 'on the horizon' which is not to say the 'near horizon'.
  21. I don't think this will happen. Maybe the terrain stuff already has a head start due to the CM:SF stuff, but there would be a huge need to add new units: Matildas, Crusaders, all that Italian stuff, Lee/Grants (with the dual main gun issues), portees... and that's just the stuff off the top of my head, sure I'm leaving lots out. It took almost 11 months to get the CW module out with a nice enough but hardly enormous set of new vehicles and units, I just think that North Africa's demands would be far more substantial and not worth it time wise for them.
  22. Nice catch Eagle. I was all ready to be annoyed as it appears to be another distraction from CM:BN which feels like its just starting to show its potential with lots of room to grow. The concept of the module system and relatively quick turnout of new content seems like a distant promise to my WW2-centric eyes. Still, Moon says that "You will" get more info about CM:BN in the other announcement thread so presumably there is still news to come. But by any stretch, any iteration of CMx2 in the eastern front seems light years away.
  23. Drop Team was a lot of fun! RIP Drop Team. I remember playing and yelling "Ablate, damnit, ablate!" when using the laser tank.
  24. Well, technically they haven't said this. Business being about making money, if they were to make a mint on games like CM:Touch, especially relative to CMX2 products, I suppose all bets would be off. Its not like there is such a thing as a 'loyalty' to a particular product from a business standpoint - if there was we might all be complaining about how slow the Char B1-bis is in CMx1:Blitzkrieg or something. I think what we know is that they'll make games that some people like and that some people don't. I downloaded CM:T as soon as I could, but haven't found it too engrossing - yet. T
  25. My understanding is no wasps and no crocs because fire is a new 'feature' and modules add new units, not new features, though I'd love to be wrong on this since it if true it means that we will never be able to play CMx2 in Normandy with flamethrowers of any kind.
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