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  1. Very nicely done! Love your game manual, thorough and professional looking!
  2. Obviously, some of the maps that work for IL-2 would not be suitable for Combat Mission, but there almost certainly are maps that would work with each of the currently available CM titles. Undoubtedly auto-generated maps will not be nearly the quality of hand-crafted maps, but that is something that would evolve with time and community involvement.
  3. No need for potential, SEOW is real, fully functional and in use in multiple "On-line Wars" already. The question is, is BFC serious about opening up CM by providing a method of generating battle files? They have stated that they are open to it in previous threads. Having said that, BFC is currently very busy with Final Blitzkrieg, the Battle Pack, new web front, etc. Any movement on this front is likely a couple of months away at a minimum. It'd be nice if someone "official" popped into this thread or contacted 4Shades in the mean time though. <hint hint>
  4. I'm bringing 4Shades' post from 2012 back into focus on this forum, as he has now achieved an operational link between the "Scorched Earth Online War" Operational game and the "Arma 2: Iron Front" first person shooter game. See here for a Youtube video showing the idea and how it works in practice: http://seowhq.net/seowforum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1128 Now, four years on from the original post above, is Battlefront ready to support the development of the tools needed to link SEOW and Combat Mission? All that is needed are the abilities to programmatically create and populate a Combat Mission scenario map, briefing and OOB, and then produce a results output file at the end of a battle. If Battlefront is serious about supporting an operation layer in their Combat Mission engine, this is it. The SEOW Operational Layer is ready to go, today.
  5. Wow, so many people here just don't get JasonC. It is very clear that he is always thinking of real life first and comments on the game simply as it performs as a simulation of real life (in combat, of course). Real life commanders don't push their men to the death simply because they know that they are as likely to catch a bullet from his own men if he is leading them to meaningless suicide. Game players will never catch a bullet from one of their pxTruppen and thus make entirely different decisions. QED.
  6. TL;DR: Another thread derailed by the usual suspects.
  7. I'm of the opinion (along with IanL) that this is a breakdown/exploit of the game code and has opened the door to cheating in multi-player games. BFC is going to need to fix this. I hope someone at BFC is reading this thread and adding this exploit to the top of their list of bugs.
  8. Well written, John. The "hater" vibe this board has taken on recently has not originated with you. Sure makes me pine for JasonC's posts from the days of old!
  9. ChrisND is not an outsider. He's stated himself that he is on BFC's payroll. Many others do work for free though is my understanding.
  10. +1. Lame. He's got a reputation score of 49, of which 9 are from him voting up his own posts.
  11. The reason for this thread is that John's good intentions, prolific reading and general enthusiasm for BFC games has drawn criticism from other forum members who don't share John's degree of wonderment with the world at large. My opinion is that John should just say something like "Suck it up, princess" in response to the other posters' criticisms, but the apparent level of catharsis it brings him from 'brain dumping' in this forum keeps him wary of being banned or something, and thus on his back foot, and leads him to put too great of a weighting to others' negative opinions. In summary, keep posting, John! Either in this thread or in the forum at large. Whatever works.
  12. And this is why DreDay looks the fool in this thread. He attempted to take on a task that was not possible within the realm of logical consistency and then was not big enough to admit his folly when he failed. Bravo Steve!
  13. Buddy Aid is automatically given if a friendly unit is in the same action square as the fallen soldier. It doesn't start immediately and can be interrupted by enemy fire, but just moving a unit in good health onto a fallen unit is enough to get Buddy Aid started.
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