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  1. It's been ages since I popped in here. Good to see some familiar names still around. Who got drunk and made Elvis a moderator?
  2. B.H. Liddel Hart mentioned in his 'History of the Second World War' that on several occasions commonwealth troops were forced to abandon recently captured enemy positions, in particular Italian trenches, because of the filth, and thus got caught in the open when the Axis counterattack rolled in.
  3. Not really. Much like the Vietcong the Taliban can easily survive within the existing infrastructure. Their logistical requirements are also very low, which is typical of an insurgency.
  4. The 1st Bn / Coldstream Guards is listed as one of three armored regiments in the Guards armored division Guards Armored Division Not sure, but I would think that having started as a Sherman equipped unit it would have stayed that way. A switch to Cromwells would have been perceived as a downgrade, and the Allies had far more Shermans than Cromwells in reserve. Having said that, they might have been switched to Comets, which were a Cromwell variant so to speak, although with better armor and gun. Wiki says the Brit 11th armored was the only unit to be completely re-equipped with Co
  5. Sly, Your comment has me thinking you are confusing me with someone else. I don't remember ever coming away from our playtest with a dislike of you or your playing style. We tested two of yours - Norrey and the one set in the Ardennes (Snow, steep hills and a Kingtiger is all I remember). I gave some feedback and that was it. I also know that none of the scenarios I designed for the first tournament had any bridges. Last Road out and Panzers in the Peel were my creations, IIRC. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding? I certainly don't want any negative feelings floating around.
  6. Normally I would agree with you, but in this instance I didn't give the defender any ammunition, so the attacker holds a slight advantage.
  7. Keep in mind that I had a total of 6 scenarios ready for round 2, so there are still 3 that haven't been released.
  8. Sly has asked for the next three, so the ball is in my court to offer up the pick of the litter. Hopefully these next won't disappoint.
  9. You really don't "use" them, per se, as they tend to perform better when left on automatic-kill mode. The best thing to do is to find that long line of sight with good cover position as you stated, and just leave them to plink away. You'll find that they tend to go after high value targets, such as TCs or heavy weapons crews.
  10. Apparently I'll be paving the highway to hell, as I was unable to open the file you sent me.
  11. Depending on what St. Peter has me down for, my soul may or may not be good enough. However, I do have a working copy of map converter v1.29. Send me what you got and where you want it.
  12. I'm posting this again to reiterate I'd like some feedback to help me narrow down the choice of which to release for round 2. I now have 7 scenarios to choose from. A couple are again at 1000 pts per side, and they get progressively bigger in both points total and map size, with the largest at 4500/3500 on a 2km x 2km map. Forgot to mention, make sure your feedback does not compromise FOW for the games still in progress. Just keep it general. [ April 25, 2008, 05:56 PM: Message edited by: Kingfish ]
  13. The odd arrival point is due to how the map edges are assigned. In this particular scenario the Germans are given the east and west sides, while the allies get only the north (BTW, seems odd that the south is neutral even though the Germans have undisputed control across the entire length). Anyway, the new German tanks arrived in the northeast corner. I went ahead and changed the parameters to German-south / Allied-north, all other neutral. New purchases then showed up in the southeast, well inside the German zone.
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