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  1. It's been ages since I popped in here. Good to see some familiar names still around. Who got drunk and made Elvis a moderator?
  2. I get the very top sliver of the screen. Probably just the generic background and not the actual 3-D playing environment. Have not tried the other battles, but will give it a go tonight.
  3. My modest rig: Win XP PentiumĀ®-D 2.80 Ghz 2.00 gigs system RAM 198 gigs of free space Geforce 7300 LE No problems d/l or getting thru the various intro screens, but once past the side selection and the map starts to load the demo locks up solid. I can even get ctr-alt-del to exit out. Fix or dosomefink!
  4. Go to the scenario depot II website: http://the-scenario-depot.com/index.html Click on the tab at top labeled "scenarios" In the basic search box set the parameters to CMBB for game, and 'Der Alter Fritz' for the author. Scroll down the list and download 'Sorted Scenario Packs' #6, #7 and #8. Save the download to your desktop (or any location other than the CMBB scenario folder) Open each scenario pack from your desktop, choose the scenarios that begin with the prefix "SP" for Stalingrad Pack, and drag/drop them into your CMBB scenario folder. Do as you please with the res
  5. Only one Kompanie of the 503rd had the IIs, the rest were Tiger Is.
  6. Check google for references to the 'Tartar Ditch'.
  7. This is a tough one given that the terrain is constantly changing. Your best bet is to google various images of the area, or even general region, to use as reference. I would suspect the topography of Bir Hakeim is not much different than say Gazala or Sidi Rezegh. That's your best bet
  8. Unfortunately, no. That is another reason why it is best to screen your advance with a few half squads and a couple of minor vehicles, such as armored cars.
  9. Use your infantry to screen your tanks by advancing ahead in a light skirmish line, and hold part of your armor back to provide over watch support, the other part should use mass area fire to blast every possible gun or ambush site. Assume the worst, for it is bound to show up. Yes, but it depends. If the mines are daisy chain they will clear them within a turn or two assuming they are placed close enough (usually within 10-15 meters is sufficient) to the mines. If they mines are the standard AP or AT then the engineers will need a satchel charge to clear the mine, and aga
  10. What is the difference with a higher experience level and within command of an HQ with good bonuses?
  11. I interpret the 'fast' as pertaining to the unit's ROF, not the speed the crew can push the gun across ground.
  12. Something else to consider is the Germans had to contend with X number of partisans on their side of the line.
  13. It is blind fire but with an increased accuracy, thereby overcoming the negative affects of fire blind. In a sense a TRP will make the mortar act as though it has direct LOS.
  14. Another thing regarding TRPs, pillboxes and bunkers have a built-in accuracy bonus that works like a TRP, the rational being the crews would have taken the time to register everything within their kill zone. Therefore, giving a PB or bunker a TRP to fire to would be a waste as they don't receive any accumulative accuracy bonus from it.
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