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  1. Nice work....those screens are impressive. For some reason I find the med scenery much more exciting than Normandy.
  2. The delay will give you time to get the new keyboard you appear to need.
  3. <yawn>...wakes up from long sleep...have I missed anything??
  4. Worth the wait. Well done everybody involved - great job.
  5. As I suspected....Fundamentally Flawed....AGAIN. :-)
  6. Tee hee...happy days....that was the great thing about the ROW battles...so very memorable....I can still vividly remember that one....my 2 pounder was on fire
  7. Certainly never used the hull down command in CMx1 when playing against humans. Better results could always be gained by manually positioning.
  8. This is hardly the place for sensible logic like that.
  9. Is is my imagination, or do some beta testers insist on making unhelpful snarky posts on every thread. Over defensive beta testers will not make this a great place to be. They were very culpable in destroying the early CMSF forums IMHO. Reading a few threads today I can see the same shaping up here. Nice job.
  10. agreed ... the one of your guys running through the forest is excellent.
  11. Steam do a monthly survey: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/cpus/ Last figures for that show only 11.22% of users left on single CPU - and even that is falling fast. Of course general Steam users may be ahead of CM users . Within CM WW2 long life of release(!) and modules this will surely decrease to a very small number of single CPU users. It is irritating that my 1 year old quad core 4gb RAM Windows 7 machine runs CMSF no better than my 5 year old XP P4 3.2 machine. Nearly all other games run better. A new game coming out in 2011 should really support multi cores - that is
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