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  1. Business to Business or possibly..... Barborossa to Berlin [ February 13, 2008, 05:59 AM: Message edited by: Melnibone ]
  2. No - you will need to use a third party tool such as FRAPS.
  3. <splutter>coffee all over monitor</splutter>
  4. It can go 25% of the game length or +10 turns, whichever is less. I personally am convinced it has nothing to do with the state of the battle.
  5. Interesting. Curse those cowardly conscripts! With respect to armour taking out bunkers - I've noticed little difference betweeh HE and AP in the ablity to do the job.
  6. But you do like their uniforms don't you? Wittmann, being taller, surely got more kills than Carius?
  7. Just started this one PBEM (CMAK) as the Brits- nice map! No contact yet.
  8. Melons...wet triangles...god grief what kind of forum is this?
  9. How about a remake for CMAK - I loved the original!
  10. I really liked St Eds as the Axis - however, if the Allied player is cautious at the start then by the time he assaults the Axis reinforcements are already in place - that's how our game panned out - not so much an Axis counter as a full on defence. Cool scenario though.
  11. Great job guys...all memorable fights...the artillery in Highlanders....the hedge in Maleme...the bridge & reinforcements in Moltke....the noises in the dark in Edouards...happy days!
  12. also the orientation of the spotter can make a difference - so the more you have covering all the angles the better.
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