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  1. " It will be enjoyed both by hardened grognards as well as by more casual “twitch” gamers who are more interested in “run and gun” game play." Seems like that would work? My twitch is a bit lacking but my hardened grognard skill... well dat is a bit lacking as well but playing the game with friends as a team should be a hoot. Dawg... in da Wonka Factory
  2. Maybe "Space Lobsters of Doom" ... 'Final Claw'? The most likely (IMO) PC / Console release candidate is DropTeam.. a TBG Software game in development to published by Battlefront.com. "BELIEVABLE COMBAT DropTeam depicts futuristic armored combat in a believable way that doesn't insult the intelligence of mature gamers. We eschew such misguided, entrenched mechanisms as "hit points", "healing", and unexplainably short weapon ranges that are found in many games today. Instead, weapons have specific effects on their targets. For example, a projectile that penetrates a vehicle’s armor m
  3. RE; XP-Imperfection... that is why I would keep a separate volume.. outside my new Number Six, Cylon looking Apple Intel babe... ugh... machine... so as not to contaminate her with XP cooties. There shouldn't be any social stigma to having lice, any more than like having a common cold and if it runs CMx1&2... just follow the pediculosis association warnings. Dawg... seeking gaming perfection in the imperfect kutu of XP
  4. You are probably right Peter. I was kinda hoping for a Number Nine, Jeri Ryan Borg or better a Number Six, Tricia Helfer Cylon looking offspring... but... if an Apple Intel Machine can also boot XP and play all the CMx1s and 2s ... looking and playing the games well... that could fulfill the Cylon machine warriors quest to fulfill their programming & purify the universe of imperfection. As long as they don't have kids that look like Space Lobsters or sumpin. Dawg ... a galactic genetic guru LLC
  5. It looks fine at 1280x1024 but of course I would like the Sharp to accept a true 1080p signal not scale it up to a 1080p display. Don't get me wrong, the scaler IMO does a great job. The 720p football on ESPN looks outstanding but .. wondering if a 'firmware' fix could bump up the highest screen resolution via DVI? There is a firmware port on the Sharp. Now ...a console version of CM for the masses... Well that would certainly get me in line for a PS3 or Xbox 360. WAIT AND SEE... Madmatt OK .. Four long days... nuff yet? Dawg ... off to run in the sun with my fido for fun
  6. So if I read the Intel Macs may boot XP article correctly and "... Apple has included a Compatibility Support Module, Intel-based Macs should be able to boot XP..." then all I may need to be CMx1 and CMx2 capable is a new 'Core Duo processor' Intel chip-powered G5 iMac, an XP OS, 3 - PC editions of CMx1 and I could run CMx1 and CMx2 on my new Intel Mac :confused: Dawg... wondering if the OSX and XP OS could make babies.. what would they look like?
  7. OK Madmatt... given consideration to making console versions of our games? I waited 2 days. Is that long enough? Hmmm .. "our games" ? So maybe a CMx1 console version? Darn.. That could easily be a CMBO for PS3... then BB for PS3... then AK for PS3.. then... etc. :confused: If Apple can switch to Intel maybe BFC (or a BFC partnership with XXX) will provide a simultaneous PC / Console launch of CMSF? I would buy a console for your guys games alone... already got the HDTV that can 'display' 1080p. Dawg ... giving consideration to console versions of BFC games
  8. Come on back akd and help us rebuild smarter & 'mo betta'. The Urban Planning Committee Final Report is solid and 'forward leaning'. Lots of empty houses here cheap now. We got a 2 story 'fixer upper' if your interested. Only 7'6" of water for 2.5 weeks... but the upper floor is 'OK' ... well that is what the insurance adjuster says! Bring some 'back up' akd cause we still... almost 5 months out... have looters preying on our uninhabited homes... hundreds of thousands of uninhabited homes. No where near the immediate post K 'civilians in a combat zone'.. but no where near 'normal'.... ther
  9. Were you in New Orleans during the last year? Yep... the last 30. Here for KATRINA's visit and the levee failure and the urban fire&floodworks that followed. Only took 7 weeks to get back home but we were lucky and still have a home... well one of them anyway. Good to see Steve's notes re: civilians in a combat zone. When CMSF includes complex levels of civilians (good / bad guys... tourists, press, animals, etc) in an urban combat zone, things quickly become a lot more complicated than shoot the "bad guy"... although anybody with a gun showing is much more than suspect... kinda a
  10. "...the tactics and surrounding chaos." "So basically, anybody driving around was suspect. Anybody running was suspect. Anybody with a gun showing was more than suspect.... civilians in a combat zone provide different amounts of "cover" than they do when life is supposedly back to normal." Valid for a Natural Disaster as well! RE: ".... civilians during the initial phase of combat and civilians under established military occupation." Speaking from our post Katrina experience, once the military was deployed in force, things (blatant, open bad guy looting) got MUCH better really quic
  11. 3 Woofs from a Dawg in a post Katrina Big Easy. Thanks for the back scratch Madmatt Dawg... smellin da chicken in da kitchen... that means 'white' tonight
  12. Thanks for the post akd. I was wondering about this for CMSF cause... "Snipers fulfill a critical role in the the urban insurgency." Dawg..... Designated Mutt
  13. Thanks again for the feedback Hpt. Lisse. Long busy sheet rockn'roll weekend here in post K New Orleans. Here is what I did find out re: 1080p video signals to the HDTV. My 45-inch AQUOS (LC-45GD4U) uses Sharp’s proprietary advanced CV-IC System III video processing circuit to upconvert 1080i (interlaced) and 720p signals to a finer image. IOW "Progressive scanning (line doubling)" Not technically a false advertisement from Sharp as it DOES 'display' 1080p. What Sharp does not tell you is the sets do not accept 1080p signals directly: the max they accept is 1080i and then Sharp proces
  14. Thanks Hpt. Lisse I am guessing here but... I suspect the Sharp DVI input won't take an external scaler signal beyond 1080p30 because now (1/06) 1080p30 is the maximum ATSC signal. The sharpest images and best colors may be from the DVI-PC input if you can get a 'handshake". The published limit is 1280x1024 but maybe a firmware update could fix that? After all, if you got the SLI - GPU(s) to pump 1920x1080 to the DVI input the BIG LCD (Sharp) SHOULD take the signal.... shouldn't it? HDMI: I suspect Sony has plans for PS3 to send 1080p60 thru the HDMI to the LCD. I think I read that they
  15. Thanks Hpt. Lisse Ingenieur. Looking forward to your advice on PC to LC45GD4U - HDMI vs. DVI hookup. It would seem that the Sharp LCD should accept whatever the DVI or HDMI can feed it no matter if it is from a PC, console, DVR, Blu-ray Disc player, etc. . If you can feed it 6,220,800 dots [1,920 (H) x 1,080 (V) x RGB] then it should display it. No scaling required. Seems like a pair of 7800 GTX 512MB with 24 pipelines and 8 vertex shaders core/memory clock speed of 550MHz/1700MHz respectively and 512MB of GDDR3 memory... plugged into a MOBO with PCI express x 16 would work but then we can'
  16. Thanks Hpt. Lisse Here is my set up: Connected my G4 to Sharp - LC45GD4U - HDTV via the DVI-I input for PCs. CM played at 1280x1024 off my 32MB - PCI - ATI video card. This is the only card I have for my G4 that plays CM (due to the Apple-Rage support issues). Sharp says SXGA 1280x1024 is the max PC signal accepted on the DVI input. The odd part is I am only supposed to be able to see XGA 1024x768 as the max "Mac" signal but I can see 1280x1024 with 32MB! I realize the 1600x1200 limit with CM1. I am wondering what might be required for a 1080p CMSF? BTW: We only just received the S
  17. What type of CPU/GPU would be required for CMSF in 1080p on a big screen LCD / HDTV :confused: Thanks Dawg … eyes right
  18. ...when you hear the double pull of the charging handle from the .50 Cal... you been hiding too long in the wrong place and are about to be suppressed. Dawg… looking fwd to a virtual Syrian holiday
  19. Thanks Schrullenhaftt. Your explanation is appreciated and makes it clear why BFC uses the business plan they do. I did not realize how little margin there is in the entire console deal. It makes sense that the consoles are a non-profit item for the manufacturers when you see the PS3 specifications. A 3.2GHz Cell processor with @ 234 million transistors, a massive 550MHz, 300-million-transistor graphics chip based on next-generation GeForce graphics technology…a pipeline count @ 24…just a slightly larger fill rate than two GeForce 6800 Ultras clocked at 400MHz….a front-slot-loading Blu-ray o
  20. Has BFC every considered doing a console version of their CM games? I don't know squat about the game console business. I don't own a console and have never played on one. The reason I ask is the new Sony PS3 to be released Spring, 2006 has some very impressive specs. We will need a full HD capable DVD player and getting the PS3 would do that as well. We were able to save our new HDTV from the post KATRINA looting. Neighbors a few houses over lost Two - 45" Plasma screens... and the next door all their jewelry.. and etc. through the rest of our street. Anyway... or HDTV-LCD can display
  21. My guess is the sound coming near (like through the wall you are hiding behind) vs. going past is greater for the .50 caliber than the 7.62 mm. I would think that suppressive effect might be greater with more rounds on area target from the 7.62 mm although getting a few .50 cal round bursting through your 'defensive cover' might be a significant psychological suppressor and convince you to relocate before the dismounted infantry locate you? Wonder how BFC will create the .50 cal sounds for CMSF? Dawg... listening to the sound of thunder rolling...
  22. MikeyD. Best I can find on the web is @ 40 rounds per minute are realistic rate of fire for .50 cal. without overheating the barrel. A hot desert might make things a bit toaster? The TV show did demonstrate a protective shied for loading the missiles in the Anti Tank Guided Missile (TOW) Vehicle. Specifications M2 Heavy Barrel (HB) Caliber 12.7mm (NATO) Weight (Complete Gun) 84 Pounds (38.2 kg) Length 50.2 Inches (1,727mm) Width 9 Inches (230mm) Rate of Fire 450-600 Rounds Per Minute Maximum Effective Range 2,000 Yards (1,830m) Maximum Range 7,440 Yards (6,800m) Muzzle Velocity (M33
  23. Hypothetical. You get to choose what sits in your Remote weapon station (RWS). If the the MK19 has (430) rounds and the .50 cal has (2000) rounds what would you prefer most? Seems with the .50 cal. you get an awful lot of lead to toss downwind. Dawg... a thermal imager for driving back from the French Quarter at night would be nice.
  24. Just looked at the tape of the show, “Anatomy of a Stryker”. The spot on the Mk19 - 40-mm did have a slight disclaimer regarding indirect fire.. ‘when we can’… kinda indicating it don’t happen too often. Looks like you can get a Mk19 or a 50 caliber not both? Dawg… demolition is such a pleasurable pastime… cough.. cough. We just got US Mail today… 4 months after Katrina!
  25. Aliens from the Planet 10 coming to defend the poor Syrians. Happy Holidays, Dawg ... peeking under da tree!
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