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**** ROW V (Part 2) ****


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Originally posted by Kingfish:

Did you send me the correct one? I don't remember. Check here [/qb]

Kingie - What you have listed there now is the correct email address, yes. Thanks.

Originally posted by Nefarious:

Just checking if Steve or JPS and King recieved my files.

I have not, Nefarious. I have not received any email from you since the first time we exchanged email. Are you receiving my emails?



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Originally posted by JPS:

Steve McClaire, I am still waiting for your turn... hope it is not yet another case of missing email :(

Unfortunately it appears it is, somewhere along the line. Last file I sent you was 012. Did you receive it? I have received nothing from you since. I am resending, along with asking Kingfish to relay for me.


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Dear Czar Fisher,

RE: Tips & Tricks for adventure enrichment in ROW

I contribute the following suggestions:

1. Always start your ROW set ups in the Holiest of Religious festival seasons = Mardi Gras. This way you can’t remember why you used the ‘strategy and tactics’ you are currently employing.

2. Compose your most important early ROW moves during the beginning of Lent = A time of penance for Tip#1 a/k/a cognitive impairment.

3. 2 Weeks into Row, party with your revelry deprived friends in town on convention from less tolerant parts of the USA. This way you can’t remember why you used the ‘strategy and tactics’ you are currently employing.

4. Increase you project load spike to peak levels so that each ROW V move has < 10 minutes calculable time in between phone calls or distractions. There is normal Row but this is ROW on Speed!

5. Have your assistant review the rental agreement for ‘living in a trailer down by the river’.

I am sure to add to this list Caesar.

I will defer my next round of adventure enrichment suggestions till after ECT. Due in St.Edouards Sanitorium any moment for a jolt of volts.

Forgot the most important:

*Do not break your Espresso machine during any of these critical periods*

Out to lunch.



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Demons disguised as bridges w/o ends.

La Pavoni back in action: A ROW V ‘intelligence’ intercept….


No wonder storming the portage didn’t work.

This Evil Bridge is missing a critical segment!

Maybe I should attack the other one?

Plan B… Here somewhere?

Comrade Dawg to C.A.S. - over!

I need all your available ordinance on the other one…

No! Your Right! My left.

Just fly in low, I will shoot in the general direction of the correct gangplank.

Make another pass and drop your load on that one.

No! Your Right! My left.

Wait… Think I heard sumpin?

They have broken the code!

This transmission may have been intercepted?


My CM ROW V Group 7 understands…

Come join our ‘strategy and tactics’ …

ROW V walking adventure enrichment forum in da FQ tonight.

We will be traveling from HQ to HQ… in stealth mode…


Dawg back from lunch but still ‘out’

This convention lasts the entire week!

Wonder If I can?

Wanna spot me some points guys… at least till my next ECT?

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Your Majesty & denizen of the deep ROW V,

The 500,000 word cap on AARs might alter my ‘strategy and tactics’. Can we amend this control and send a movie?

We all made it back from the ROW V walking adventure enrichment forum in da FQ and no one exchanged their hotel room for a cot & 3 hots at Central Lockup! Helps to know local constabulary & / or be one(s).

Gentlefolk of ROW Group 7. Thank you again for your patience. Moves will come latter tonight after I press every ounce of nectar from my Espresso Pony - LaPavoni in an effort to kick start the gray matter in the skull. I should warn you that I have several refreshment establishment napkins with ‘strategy and tactics’ stuffed in my pocket so… be afraid… be very afraid.


Dawg crawling ‘out’ of Haight-Asbury mode briefly for a period of labor.

Hunter T. Rest in Peace and Thanks for the Ride.

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