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  1. I'm taking some steps. I'm putting greenasjade.net behind Cloudflare, which will allow me to block crawler IPs that make a nuisance of themselves. It's a bit experimental (for me). If I break it along the way I'm sure you'll tell me GaJ
  2. Thanks for hunting this information down. I'll see if I can do something about bots.
  3. It _may_ be innocent and well intentioned. If someone has set up something to pull out the mods and save them or publish them somewhere else, that could be a good thing. The only problem is the infrastructure doesn't support it. It could also be some strange way of hacking ... who knows. Thanks for the help ($)! GaJ
  4. Hi All, For the longest time, I've been supporting the community with mods warehouse infrastructure, though I don't play anymore. This is not free, but it is on cheap plans so I haven't minded. Also the occasional kind soul has donated (I think I get about $5 per month this way, which doesn't cover costs). However, this infrastructure can't support bots or automated downloads. They put too much load on it, it runs out of allocation. For some reason, the last few months, we've been running out of allocations at CMx1 Mods Warehouse. I've ponied up a few more dollars this month to go to the next level and get it running again. And I've had a look in the logs. It appears that someone has an automatic script/bot that is trying to download everything, one mod a a time. This is not OK. The allocations we have can support people using it at a moderate rate, but not sustained bot usage. If this doesn't stop, I'll have to turn it off, or ask you all for the money to keep it going. In case it's of any use or interest, the IP address originating the requests is Unlikely we could do anything with that, but just in case. GaJ
  5. I see you haven't been around for a while, but if you do get this, please know some folks are waiting patiently for some Shock Force mods to appear on the new repository. ;) That's all.

    Hope everything's okay.

  6. Hey - thanks for the screenie of CMBN brzs.  Could you drop the same in an email (I think the one on the forum chops off the bottom of the list) and let me know what versions(s) of what module(s) this represents?


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