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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I have enough games for now.
  2. I haven't played in a couple of years, but was drawn back here after I saw the announcement about CMX2: Normandy. Then I remembered what a great game this is and want to play some PBEM. If anyone feels like beating up on a rusty player, drop me an email or message.
  3. I'm back to this game after a couple of years off. I feel pretty green, but would like to get PBEM game going. No preference on what size/date/side, etc. david [underscore] power219 [at] msn [dot] com
  4. I'm almost done with Bridges. Going to go through the whole thing with FoxholeRob. What a beautiful battle pack! Thanks for all the great work that has clearly gone into this. I especially like the briefings and maps at the beginning.
  5. Finished Tiger Valley (my last one). What a great scenario! One of the best ever, IMHO. GAJ and I had quite a battle. Kingfish, I sent the result, as well the one for Loaded for Bear, which BigDuke6 and I finished a while ago, but I don't think we reported. Thanks for another great ROW. When does the next one start?
  6. MD, I'm disappointed that there isn't even a shred in all that about the uniforms in CM:SF... you're slipping, man.
  7. I'm onto you guys, you are just hoping the fashion models will commence the nude protests!
  8. What's with all this political crap over this? Its a freakin GAME! Has PETA infiltrated the ranks or something? Also, you can't be a disappointed customer, you haven't bought it yet. This is becoming quite comical ...
  9. That's just PFC, which is attained rather quickly. When I was in, I started at that just because I had college credits at the time. I'm assuming its still the same.
  10. Yes, M240Bs, like nearly all GPMGs, operate best when there is an assistant gunner to provide a continuous link of ammo, switch out the barrel when it overheats, and properly feed the ammo into the gun. A proper 1-to-1 game representation should show this. I'd be really impressed if it ever shows the gun overheating and the AG swapping barrels. </font>
  11. I haven't played that, but BF is just publishing it, right? They didn't build it, as far as I know. My initial reaction when I saw this was, "CRAP!" to put it diplomatically. But the more I've read about it, and thought about the idea, the more I like it. I bet you'll play the demo and like it.
  12. I was of the same mind before the announcement. But I have to say, this looks really cool. Check out the stuff in This Thread, including the links on the Stryker. This is going to kick ass. Has BF ever let you down in terms of game delivery? Also, this way, when they get to WWII, it'll be that much better. Compare CMAK to CMBO. It's all good.
  13. Gotta give this one a bump. I hope all the guys in the "disappointed" thread read this one, and follow Abbot's links. If that doesn't make you start drooling, then maybe you aren't really into tactical level wargames afterall.
  14. Ha! Great picture. But, as a former Guardsman, I have to point out that we always beat the regulars, Army and Marines, in the field. One thing that is going to be cool about this game is that it is going to be infantry focussed. Everything else is just support.
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