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  1. Hot doggies, got me pre-order in a-okay. Now, we scour the horizon intently awaiting the first signs of movement...
  2. Er-ah.., this is not the very very soon. It is not even the beginning of the very soon. But it is, perhaps, the end of the soon.
  3. Ah, yes well it was a nasty affair all the way around alright. Got pretty ugly in the Pacific too. Fortunate we are, to enjoy simulating the panoply of war but unfortunately; "Only the dead have seen the end of war."― Plato Still, we can learn something every day. Now I was totally unaware of the Moroccan Goumiers history or the role they played in the North Africa. Chagrined, but appreciative of the links you provided Aragorn/Waycool. Very informative. Salute~
  4. Huh, those must be the 10th Bedu of Foot. Sir Lawrence's Own.
  5. Wow, beautiful work and very much appreciated.
  6. Thanks Lucky, I'm using BarbaricCo’s WMS V.112 on most of my CM's, and the color sat and hue on these models looks great on my old AOC. Indeed, very nicely done.
  7. I'd be in for a CM Pacific. New Guinea's Kokoda Track campaign offers some lush jungle mountain terrain; Philippines offers a wide variety of tactical terrain and rice paddies to urban fighting in Manila; Okinawa, Saipan come to mind. Yeah I could see me scarfing that up. Now if I had to choose between Barbarossa and the South Pacific we might have a problem. I hear Barbarossa calling my name. Can't get CMBB out of my head wondering how it would be in CMX2,X3. And then there's Afrika. Pretty much any of the three would get me all excited.
  8. Thanks JoMc, but it still won't register the 3 unique chars. I tried all of them, multiple times. If I'm logged into this forum, and click on the helpdesk at the BF site, I get in. And I can log a new ticket. But to check my tickets, it wants another login using my email address. That's where it fails and won't allow me to set a new pw. I've used every key on the board. If I'm not logged into this forum and just go to the BF site helpdesk link, I can't log into the helpdesk period.
  9. Thanks Ian, that was it. Soon as they got my email, BF was on it. Great customer svc. They have already resolved the issue. But pardon me for asking yet another question I can't find a solution for. This gets a tad weird. After your response, I logged into the helpdesk with no issue or at least I thought so. Today upon trying, it won't allow me in. I've used the reset password (which provides a one time key entry), but it won't allow me to change to a new password and won't accept the one from yesterday. The gizmo indicates I have the required 8 chars, but not the 3 unique chars. I've tri
  10. I've recently begun to catch up on all my BF WWII titles. BF offers some nice bundles of the latest V4 Engine games and the add-ons, making for a neat collection bound together of all their wonderful work. For CMBN and CMFB, I asked for the d/l, and mailing of the CD. Each arrived in a timely fashion w/o issue. Until I ordered the CMFI bundle. I got the d/l email confirmation fine, but no CD was ever delivered. Yes I down loaded it. Snail mail however, not so much. We're a long time and a galaxy away from the days of "neither sleet, nor rain, nor snow...". My electric bill to the next state ta
  11. Oh thank goodness Erwin. I appreciate that very much. I've been attempting to round up all the mods out there for BN, RT, and FI. Finding that a bit more challenging than I originally suspected. Seems the old CMMODS site requires some clever though not complicated thought in searching the right key word before the desired mods pop out, and the excellent CMMODS IV site does not as yet have all the goodies on display. Worse, most all the older forum links for eye candy are of course out of date, save for those Cloud folders. Ugg, what a mess. Still perseverance has paid off and I've managed to f
  12. Just finished reading the "Using Listening Halts". Thanks Bil, very well presented and gives some great tips.
  13. Ruh roh, I'm only now getting around to trying FB. Went out and snatched up all the pretty mods I could find. Gonna do the install tonight and kick the tires, she what's she got. I find the RT, BN, FI, AI a pretty decent opponent most times. I guess I'm in for a learning curve here with FB.
  14. Thanks Vergeltungswaffe, it's close but unfortunately while Kieme used many of the original CMRT modular building textures to do the CMBS modular he also updated them with more modern aspects that don't fit in well with the RT era. Not sure about the file structure either since I don't have/use CMBS. The issue is the 12 bmp files I'm missing from slot 12 of his CMRT modular building add-on mod which causes my 10, 11, 12, slot modular to show up mismatched just as in the pic Macisle posted. In that discussion it is said one missing texture in one slot will cause the game to ignore all of t
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