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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, Finished my British, Canadian and Polish uniforms and equipment mod. I'm very happy how these tuned out, a lot of hours fine tuning it all and getting it just right. What's in the mod? British: Complete Uniforms - With Ranks Canadian: Complete Uniforms - With Ranks Polish: Complete Uniforms - With Ranks All Equipment/Helmets, changed colours ect. Like always, test them out yourself for a better look than the pictures MORE PICTURES: Click Link below https://imgur.com/a/3ax6xxx ----------------------------------
  2. Well, better late than never, I've recently gotten back into playing CMBN and, being a total mod slut, I had to spend an age loading all the delicious booty into my Z folder. Not content with that, I wanted more so I got to modding a few bits and pieces, one thing led to another and here I am several months later posting a newish mod. Announcing (taken from the readme) ... Lucky_Strike’s - EZ’s Heer Panzer Crew with HBT uniforms and more! This mod is based on the superb Heer Panzer Crew v.2 uniform mod made by Ez. It adds the reed-green HBT (herringbone twill) uniform issued to panze
  3. Had to happen. Hot on the heels of the Panzer crew HBT uniform mod is this mod for reed-green HBT uniform for Panzerjäger, Sturmgeschütz and a multitude of other armour crews. So, without further waffle, announcing (taken from the readme) ... Lucky_Strike’s - EZ’s Heer Assault Gun Crew with HBT uniforms and more! This mod is based on the superb Heer Assault Gun Crew v.2 uniform mod made by Ez. It adds the reed-green HBT (herringbone twill) uniform issued to panzer and other armoured troops from 1943. Initially Stug crews were issued with a variety of uniforms, however in 1940 a feldg
  4. Hi, So I have owned combat mission battle for atleast 1 month or 2 and I have installed a few waffen ss mods and I have realised that the SS insignias are a bit blurry. So I recently stumbled across a youtube video and saw that these Waffen SS uniforms were nice and I'm just wondering if any of you guys know what mod it is.
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