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  1. This has been an issue for a "long" time now. Thought it might have been treated in the most recent patch but it has not. Playing an updated CMBN game right now and still seeing the same issue you are above. About all you do is run that squad back towards the lazy MF'ers that refuse to get up and run. Once they get close enough they will tell them to get off their asses and rejoin the squad. Frustrating, I know. Unless your micromanaging every squad it is easy to miss sometimes.
  2. This is great! @sttp Appreciate the time you put into this. Thanks.
  3. Good call on the NVME card. Those things fly. My son's laptop SSD went and I replaced it with one. It surprised me how fast it booted up. Should help you in loading up your CM if you keep it on that drive.
  4. I would appreciate if someone can hook me up with Marco's mod for CMRT. It is not uploaded to CMMODS yet. Thanks.
  5. Related. Just happened to be searching about fatigue/exhaustion and seen this post.
  6. i would install. I am pretty sure the "bug" you talk about is the issue with troops retreating TOWARDS the enemy lines instead of away. The other issue of infantry bugging out was fixed but this must be a side effect of that? Who knows how long you will be waiting for a patch to fix the patch, so I would move forward and play.
  7. deleted post. I solved my issue by uninstalling and then re-installing.
  8. Anyone else seeing this problem when trying to install the patch. I have my game on an alternate drive. Not my main one. I tried unzipping to that drive and then installing and also installing from inside the game folder. I keep getting the same message. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. How about a live stream to check out some of the functions up to this point? Does more for me than looking at screen shots.
  10. Thanks for this! Definitely going to use this when picking QB maps.
  11. I can help out with the 3d pics. Shoot me a list and I will do a couple tonight. You can let me know what you think.
  12. Excellent 76mm. I started to do this for my own reference. I got tired of wading through the numerous maps when picking for QB's (Don't think I should be complaining about too many maps ). One thing I was doing that I do not see on your sheet is adding a 3D screen shot of the map. The scenario editor top down view is good but a 3D view in my opinion is even more helpful. If I can find some time I might be able to give you a little help on this.
  13. Ridiculous. I wish they would grab a couple of you guys with the talent of modding and put you on the team for new games/content. Just think our games would look like this from the get go instead of hoping someone like you will sacrifice his OWN time making the game look like it should of out of the box. Nothing personal but if I was BF artistic/graphic/texture designer (or whatever they are calling it) I would hang my head in shame. Nice work! Major improvements!
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