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  1. As a South African, I can definitely say that your way off on the Trevor Noah accent. His accent is now as American as they come. Charlize Therons accent is also allot more American now, until she switches to Afrikaans. Both these individuals changed to get their accents allot to fit in with the tv/movie scene. So they are extremely poor examples. Arnold Vosloo (He had roles in the Mummy I & II and Blood Diamonds) has a proper English South African accent. Die Antwoord?? These guys are also an extremely bad example of South African accents in Afrikaans & English as they g
  2. Thank you all. Now if the game is still in development, I wonder if I still have time to get some more info to the Dev team in regards to making some scenario's or mini campaign featuring the South Africans? I've got some awesome info on: The Battle of Celleno (10th June, 1944) - First major combine arms engagement by the South Africans in Italy ------- Could be used for a Scenario The Battle of Monte Sole, Caprara & Abelle (15th - 18th April, 1945) - South Africans largest Infantry Assaults into the Mountains ------- Could be used for a Scenario The Bridge At Fina
  3. Thanx for the update. I'm just super excited to see the final product especially the South Africans since I was the person to submit all my research (Info, TO&E, S.A Military Archive & Document Scans) into the 6th South African Armoured Division to ChrisND to properly and historically update the South Africans for the game. So naturally I'm waiting to see what my research looks like in the game
  4. LOL, Now this gave me a laugh. Thanx mate, you made my day.
  5. Hi All. This has probably been discussed at great lengths, but I just wanted to know when RtV would be released as I've already pre-ordered. Thanx for any info in advance.
  6. Hi All. Glad to see the game is up and running. Everything is licensed and game ready, but I see, some armies selections are not selectable like the South Africans. Are they not yet included in the game and will be later released via DLC? Im just eager to see how my research came out in the game.
  7. Hi Everyone. Could anyone please give me more detail on the "Weather Conditions" in CM. I cant really find anything going into depth on what the different weather condition features are and how they influence or impact the game. Any help or further information on this would be great please.
  8. Howzit All Id also like to add myself to the PBEM gamer list. Ive got all 3 CM games and im ready to play. Due to me being in South Africa, ill be limited to 1 turn per day for the US players as timezones would make it difficult otherwise, but European and UK players will get more turn per day as the time zones are reasonably close. Regards JC
  9. LOL. Thanx for the help guys. I mailed him and lets see if i get a reply. Cheers
  10. Howzit All. Id like to get a hold of Steve, but seeing as there are so many on the forum, Im not sure which is which. Ive contacted the Helpdesk and all they said was to contact "Steve" on the forum with regards to the CM Series and their TO&E's. I would like to share info to have the South Africans updated and maybe added in a module for CMFI. And so id like to pass the info (scans of military documents from the military archives) and my extensive research on the matter on to Steve. Thanx in advance for the help. Regards JC
  11. Thanx Borg. Ive got plenty more to put up. Ive got every book done on all the Regiments and General Division history of South Africa aswell. So the only obstacle is time to type everything up. If there is something specific anyone would like then id be happy upload the history and info as im doing everything. I also have everything on the Rhodesians that fought alongside the South Africans.
  12. Hi Splinty. Here you go mate. A nice and long cover of the battle at Chiusi. Ive got the first part done. The second will follow shortly. Chiusi – The Hilltop Town The Plan and the Weather While the 12th S.A Motorized Infantry Brigade had been battling forward through the mud, with Pretoria Regiment, SAAC tanks in support, the rest of the 11th S.A Armoured Brigade had been concentrated west of Orvieto, resting and doing maintenance. The 11th S.A Armoured Brigade was thus in good shape when it was placed on standby on June 17th, 1944, with the roads impassable owing to foul weather.
  13. Hi John. Thanx for the help and info. As CMAK was before my time (i.e. I really only started playing CMBN) i didnt know about these missions already designed. My hat goes off to Kingfish for his great works. And thanx for the history info. As i said in my first post on this topic: So me and some mates started the S.A Games Project last year to bring the South Africans into the gaming market through Flames of War. We successfully achieved this and the S.A boys are now represented nicely within the rules. What we managed to do was to build the most complete OOB there is of the 6th South A
  14. Hi Slinty Sorry for taking so long but im compiling allot of info for the battle Chuisi. Ill have it done in a few days more.
  15. Hey Splinty. it would be interesting to know if your grandfather served with the Irish regiment in all. My one Uncle passed during the war while serving with the Irish Regiment. He passed on April 24th, 1942. He won the Military Medal with the 5th South African Infantry Brigade at Sidi Rezegh as a mortar man when he refused to retreat. If your dad served in the South African forces, what would you do to get your fathers service cards, medical file and personnel file? Before you wonder why im asking. I found my grandfathers, hence the info i shared, so im able to help. Ive got a guy
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