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  1. Without knowing the exact QB points: I would buy two JagdTigers: one to be used on the road on the left side and one for the road on the right. JTs would be accompanied by for example Panthers. Hetzer(s) could be used as an over watch. It would be interesting to 1) see JTs in action 2) how Bill tries to take them out. Rest of the points I would spend on mech inf. maybe with extra 'zooks, on-map mortars and arty. Thanks for making the DAR.
  2. Please take also couple of M24s? Again big thanks to you for making these DARs. They're a great read.
  3. Yep, watching. Nice close ups from Russian military hardware and Putin. What more could you ask for Saturday morning.
  4. Exactly my words. Well done BFC. Download speed also at ok-level. Now some pbem.
  5. Finish the game and release it when its ready. This way you don't have to, hopefully, release the 1.xx patch right after the game release. Thanks for the update.
  6. Quick look: working fine with laptop, tablet & phone. White background will take time my eyes to adjust (maybe some light grey or blue could be better color?) but yeah, overall nice upgrade.
  7. At last. Forum is mostly ok (logging in is pita sometimes) but the repository really needs an upgrade. So good news!
  8. Very nice AAR (as always). Very interesting to see how that probe will play out.
  9. +1. Very good read on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee. Much appreciated!
  10. Great find. Thanks. Looking very forward to CMBS.
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