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  1. Surely if you can get close enough to ram, you could fire some sort of short range net over it. But why not continue the WWI analogies that we've seen all over this conflict - get hordes of combat flight sim pilots to fly hunter drones. With some natty sensors to aid the Mk1 eyeball, that could be effective, since most of the target drones are looking at the ground, again, a la WWI observers who never saw who shot them down.
  2. Pretty sure he is. It is a remarkably concisely laid out and cogent method to self-analyse a position or belief. You do so with the most nebulous position you can possibly take, if you even define it at all. Exhibit A : "while we empower the warrior to win the war in several weeks". Easy to say, but none of your posts have addressed how this would be done in the slightest. Whereas The_Capt has unpicked stuff down to the platoon level and not pulled any punches on where we ( the "West" ) might be coming up short in our understanding or analyses. I guess I'm joining the muters, there's only so many times you can scroll past yet another post. I guess that will also make me "wrong". Oops - posted a page behind "current" and redundant immediately. Apologies.
  3. But remember, it wasn't Iraqi's using them. I suspect the Ukrainians will be a bit more careful on this, having somewhat greater motivation.
  4. Hard to tell, but my guess is "counter battery" and they got the letters swapped.
  5. Or they are using every drone they have and in a day or two they'll have nothing. We just don't know. Plus, maybe they've had that kind of footage all along, but now that it's Western kit, it's worth them posting it. Also, remember that all this is Russian footage and everything they post will have at least some element of trying to convince everyone that the offensive is failing.
  6. Ha ! Forming special extra-good "elite" units when you really need a ton of "good enough" resonates so strongly with the "Germany losing" phase of WW2 that my teeth ache !
  7. If the war has proved anything, it's that NO ONE in the Russian Army plays CM !
  8. Hah, if it's anything like the asphalt factory, it has to fall at least 3 or 4 more times before it's a done deal.
  9. I could have a go, but then again, I never actually got my degree and your question is poorly phrased - I'm a Roman history guy, but you want a Byzantine history guy
  10. I have been promised turbot in Travem√ľnde, but will try to fit your recommendation in.
  11. Damn you man! I'm on holiday in Hamburg, Travem√ľnde and Berlin in 3 weeks time and already salivating about currywurst, bratkartoffeln and schweinhaxe. Now I can't wait! Edit : sorry, very off topic, I know, but German food is so awesome.
  12. I question this bit particularly - if they have artillery on 3 sides of Bakhmut, 2 of those sides would have artillery pieces so ludicrously close to Ukrainian lines that you could almost use mortars for CB. All info we've seen lately is that the Russians are keeping their artillery as far back as they can to avoid as much CB as they can.
  13. It may just be me, but I think that NATO would want someone competent.
  14. To be fair, in 10+ months, Haiduk has almost never "bubbled over", I think we could cut him (and others) a wee bit more slack. Really, we should all do that with each other - sure we all have different opinions and that can lead to arguing, but we're all on the same side, so we should take a few deep breaths and try not to get irked at disagreement, rather than reaching for the ignore button.
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