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  1. Just what I was wondering. To be honest, though, in my opinion that whole piece reads as though it was written by a credulous adolescent. If it wasn't for the fact that it is (presumably) based on an official medal citation then I wouldn't bother believing any of it. Out of interest, and not wishing to cast doubt on anything in particular, what level of evidence/corroboration is/was required for a medal to be awarded for extraordinary acts? Presumably it varies depending on factors such as those described by Mr Emrys, above, but what is an acceptable minimum? Apologies if that should be for a new topic...
  2. As a UK resident who has lived at various times in London, Liverpool, Peterborough and Doncaster (which basically represent the full range from high immigrant/liberal to low immigrant/conservative population) can I just inform you that this is the biggest pile of c**p I've read in a long time (and that's saying something in today's environment). Your post is literally the first I've ever heard of "violent Turkish gangs" and there is no more problem with "Eastern Euro gangs" than there is with any of our home-grown British ones. These subjects are NEVER the topic of day-to-day discussion in the UK outside extremist groups like BNP or EDL. To lend the slightest modicum of weight to your opinion, how many people from the UK have personally voiced this opinion to you and how many British people "flood" to NZ each year? How does that compare to the numbers of British people who "flood" to other European countries? Do the answers to these questions support your opinion? Sorry if I come across as short-tempered but being told by someone the other side of the world that he spoke to a guy who said we have an immigrant problem is beyond stupid. Edited for typo.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised. I am reading this AAR from your side, only, to maximise the suspense, so I will be fascinated to learn why Baneman's attack is so infantry heavy so early. Given how little I assume he has known about your defenses (until very recently, at least) I am surprised to see such large numbers of dismounted infantry committed to advancing under their own steam. A few scout teams screening for/supported by a powerful complement of feline steel would have been my preference, I think, on such an open map. Then I'd have had some mounted Grenadiers and mortars held back out of harm's way but ready to dig out any defensive infantry positions you might have deployed. As it stands (and it is obviously still early days) it looks like Baneman might be going for a 'overwhelming pressure'-style infantry foot assault, with relatively light tank support to help with tough obstacles. It might be hard for him to find anything for such an attack bite down on against so mobile and 'slippery' a defense as yours...
  4. Seconded. A cup of Kona coffee and Bil's AAR make for a very satisfying way to kick off a Sunday morning. Thanks for taking the time to write such engaging updates, Bil. I remember how much time and effort it used to take when I wrote a few AARs for the CMBB and CMAK forums; it is not a trivial task! Looking forward to the next instalment. Tux [Edit: typo correction]
  5. Sublime just put [ img ] and [ /img ] (without the spaces) either side of the image url to post a proper screenshot. Example, using your first link at the top of the page:
  6. Really sorry to hear that, Bud. Hope things go well for you both.
  7. Have you definitely cancelled the rest of the barrage, Bud? The reason I ask is that rocket barrages come in salvoes, as mentioned earlier in the thread. The other half of your rocket ammo might just be being loaded onto the rails, ready to land in 2-3mins' time... Enjoying the read so far. Looking forward to when your units can properly sink their teeth into some meaty defensive positions!
  8. Wiggum, it is often said that the definition of intelligence is knowing how much you do not know. With that in mind please re-read what you have just written and think again about how it makes you sound. Most people on these forums want all the same improvements that you do. They are not disagreeing with those ideas, they are pointing out that it isn't as easy to do as you keep asserting that 'you think' it is. If you don't like that, you have two interesting options: 1. Start a religion which teaches that, yes, the world is as Guru St. Wiggum (peace be upon Him) Thinks it is, that He has Thought that BFC represents the sinful twin heads of the Daemun of Coding Incompetence and Overpriced Wargames and then base yourself in Britain so that you can sue everyone on these forums who disagrees. 2. Learn how to code a game engine which is quick and easy to update seven years later and how to make AI pixeltruppen act like human soldiers did in the 1940s, then come back, prove that you were right and everyone else was wrong and bathe in the respect you earn for doing so. Every other option IS boring, because I think it is, so please keep it to yourself.
  9. The most cursory glance at the games disproves this. Every new game has new content in it (vehicles, uniforms, weaponry, equipment variations, TOEs, environments, landscape types/features). The engine is common to most and no-one in their right mind remodels a Kar 98k for every new WWII game but, apart from that...? Back on topic, good catch. T90A hull remodelling strikes me as the sort of thing which might get caught in a patch so worth pointing out. [edited for punctuation]
  10. Ouch! Excellent example of what happens when you let a Stryker get within range of a well-armed enemy. What sound mod are you using, btw, Rambler?
  11. HMMWV gunners seem to survive ok the way I use them; providing covering fire and (generous) area fire from keyholed positions. I fairly frequently run them dry of ammo, in fact! In my experience, when they do die, it's rarely the enemy at 12 o'clock, being engaged by the HMMWV's weapon, which kills the gunner. It's the guys off to either side who are taking their time laying accurate, unsuppressed fire on him as a priory target. Good positioning/keyholing removes that threat and means that if anyone wants to shoot your gunner they need to brave a hail of Mk19 or machine gun rounds to do so.
  12. Quick question: are those command lines coming out at an angle from your tank? How do you get them to show? I haven't noticed a shortcut for them in the Hotkeys list...
  13. That screenshot was taken of the most extreme example I had found in order to make a point and was the result of several turns' frustration with the team positioned in other, more reasonable locations. To quote the relevant post of mine, with added emphasis: Also, I don't think I've ever had a unit unilaterally decide that it is going to stay quiet and not open fire on a dangerous enemy. If anything I often find I have to be almost paranoid in how closely I control my units' cover arcs to make sure they don't open fire in suicidal contexts. If I'm wrong and the AI can make a reasonable decision to refuse to fight (before taking any incoming fire, btw) then yes, the situation I posted a screenshot of is not ideal for demonstrating the problem! . If I'm right then, given that we are trying to demonstrate the absurdity of AT teams with clear LOS being unable to fight due to inappropriate posturing, I doubt that there are many better examples of this "out there" . Incidentally, I have had very, very few problems with this behaviour since the example I posted. In particular I haven't often found my teams kneeling with their faces pressed up against LOS-obscuring tree-trunks in any other scenarios, notably the US Campaign, thankfully! Impotent Javelin teams would be a serious hindrance in most of those missions.
  14. I used my starting forces to make contact with the enemy on each flank and in the centre. Once contact was made I took my time obtaining keyholed firing positions for my Bradley to blow the substance out of the troops I had discovered. APS kept it safe from what RPG rounds did get through. At the same time I used UAV-assisted Excalibur rounds to protect my right flank since I had identified the tree line on that side as too powerful a spot to let the Russians park tanks on. Once the Abrams arrived I found remote, commanding positions for each one and it was game over. Eventually got a surrender having suffered a single wounded and buddy-aided casualty (got caught in the open by a Tigr while assaulting the Government Complex) and zero vehicle damage. I found it generally useful to remember two things about this specific scenario: 1. You are parrying a Russian attack, not attacking yourself. Once you've made contact don't chase the advance, just apply consistent, heavy fire and let the red forces dash themselves against your forces. 2. You will get a full ammo resupply after each mission in this campaign. Use it!
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