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  1. Yeah I dunno. I've read all the above too a various time but when you watch footage, there certain looks like lots of smoke and/or dust... But I wasn't there so no legs to stand on really questioning comments of eye witnesses on the receiving end of these things. -F
  2. Have had Steel Fury for quite a while (haven't played it in a while either). Graphics are ok given it's age and it does what it says on the box. Tries and gets reasonably close to being more of a sim than arcade game. Control scheme takes a little bit of effort to get used to but otherwise it's a fun enough experience if you play carefully - being a sim means death can come instantly and completely unseen. Some pretty good add-on's from the mod community last time I checked as well, check their forums or SimHQ. There aren't that many missions but you can get more. You can also build your
  3. I posted a long time ago that I'd like the option to have custom formations that you can save and choose to use in any battle, the points being deducted from the overall total available. For extra points it'd be great to be able to save any custom formation's status at the end of a fight to carry it over to the next one (after a few replacements of course and with perhaps the option of a time stamp restriction so you can only use it in battles that occur after the fight before).
  4. Belgrade also has a pair of good museums. In the centre of town at the military museum there's a good mix of vehicles on display - Pz I, II, IV, a Stug and a 38t I think. Then there's a couple of soviet tanks as well. Inside the museum is a lot of german hardware. The aviation museum is out next to the airport. Has a great mix of axis and allied planes from both east and west. Lots of modern stuff as well.
  5. Yes!! Really need a simple ctrl+z option both in the editor AND when plotting orders. And fire with smoke. There's so little smoke on a CM battlefield. Loooong overdue. Not as important but another long standing one... Better infantry animations, the spongy ice jogging looks crap. Troops need to actually move quickly and be bent over when under fire. I also detest the conga-lines.
  6. Interesting, thanks for sharing. -F
  7. Careful, you'll be looking at a subscription model soon. How about $5 a month.
  8. I wasn't being completely serious - Bethesda's attempt to allow monetization of mods for Skyrim didn't go down to well. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest that this isn't the way things go at some future point though for games like Skyrim, Fallout et al that have very active modding communities. -F
  9. A la the idea of Bethesda for paid mods... BF should leverage the community. Let users submit scenarioes and campaigns to BF that meet some criteria. Have them vetted by BF staff to do QA. Put them on a in a battle pack for sale. Give the modders a slice of the spoils. What could possibly go wrong?? -F
  10. Nice work, those PzIVs are looking really good. -F
  11. Wished I'd seen it when it came out, seems to sell for pretty penny now. The Mark title I mentioned above does deal a bit more with the fighting up to and around the Barrikady if you're interested. It does focus mostly on the one unit but has a reasonable amount of detail on what's going on around them. -F
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