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  1. Wished I'd seen it when it came out, seems to sell for pretty penny now. The Mark title I mentioned above does deal a bit more with the fighting up to and around the Barrikady if you're interested. It does focus mostly on the one unit but has a reasonable amount of detail on what's going on around them. -F
  2. A little bit early for RT but... I'm 85% of the way through Into Oblivion Kharkov To Stalingrad: The Story Of Pionier-Bataillon 305 http://www.amazon.com/Into-Oblivion-Kharkov-Stalingrad-Pionier-Bataillon/dp/0992274907 It's pretty good. A lot of detail, especially in the month or so leading up to the 305th divisions entry into Stalingrad when the officer focused on by the author was able to document everything. Interesting to be reading how the great battle for Stalingrad was being fought mostly by units down to less than 20% strength. Lots of maps and photos showing you where th
  3. Great stuff, thanks for the effort If not said already... Perhaps put it all together in a single PDF for download at the end? Good promo material. -F
  4. edit - ha! ninja'd by a wall of text above If it's sweetFX then it ain't that hard. You open the settings text file and either set 0 or 1 to turn things on/off and then go back to the game and hit the reload shaders key. If you want to mess around this the actual settings for the shaders then yeah that can get involved but it's still just editing the same text file. SweetFX adds a very handy screenshot key as well by the way. -F
  5. If the entire pic was very slightly blurred like the rear AC it'd look more convincing IMO. The jagged shadows under the first vehicle are a dead give away. Thats not to say it isn't a nice pic though, well done. -F
  6. Someone's going to burn their hand holding an MG34 like that! -F
  7. Great to see EF, obviously really looking forward to it. For the obligatory 'more' question... Any word on fire/burning buildings? Am hoping fire can come soonish. Burning villages to deny cover is something I've read about often enough. I also reckon we need a lot more smoke on CM battlefields. Thanks -F
  8. The boys have to kill one at least one of Bil's hulking beasts. Come on lads make Lieutenant Colonel Blacker (ahem, and Major Jefferis) proud! -F
  9. Very nice indeed. Are you using a tree, ground cover and bocage mod? If so which one? Thanks
  10. Sweet. Another Bil Hardenberger AAR thread to read with my morning cuppa. It's usually better than reading the news paper. Thanks very much.
  11. I've mentioned this before and it really helped me get into learning the editor... I started trying to go 100% realistic but as we see there's a good deal of work in the research, obtaining and creating an overlay for the map and all that before you even load CM. Copying a CM1 scenario as a base however helps cut out most of that leg work and lets you get straight into the editor and make something relatively quickly. You've got all the details already so you just need to set everything up and build the map. Screen-shotting the CM1 map in the editor and using it as the overlay, copy the
  12. Does this mean an app for tablet/smart phones, not PC? -F
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