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  1. A few years ago I purchased a CM game for a friend in the UK (I'm in Canada), I think they gave me a key to send him. Or maybe a link?
  2. But it's still Michael...my Google fu had him sussed out in 30 seconds. Googled the ISSN to Issue 1 of Tactical Wargamer's Journal and the first link identifies the author. http://www.canadiansoldiers.com/publications/publications.htm
  3. Can't count the times I've read in historical accounts "We took over the German position and awaited their inevitable counter-attack". The first thing the Germans did when routed was turn around and attack.
  4. Sweet. Edit: And I'm tired, and down with a chest cold, so I misspelled Repository.
  5. Chrome is telling me it is malicious and blocks it. I saved it to my Dropbox and went from there.
  6. Your persistence is warranted. It may be one of two things I've thought of: 1) CMH may not currently support/recognize CMBS. 2) If it does, there is an extra step once you have Added a new game. It's tricky for me to explain without doing it, but even after you've entered the type of CM and the folder where the PBEM files will be found it will do a check and say it can't find the folder for CMBS. You have to Edit Game (right click on the game line in CMH and choose Edit Game), then go the bootom Application field, Browse and find the folder for the CMBS.exe. Good luck.
  7. I haven't seen it specifically stated here (perhaps I've missed it) but the Hide command is also a very good way of keeping your troops from revealing themselves through stupid actions, like opening up with small arms fire at an APC 300 m away. You could do short, limited target arcs, but Hide requires a lot less fiddling.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that, especially since I donated about 6 months ago. Not that I'm complaining, ChrisND has stated that he's already suggested to the web guys that a new Repository section be opened here, but that the timing is up to them.
  9. Very nice. Smoke is not to my liking, but that's a personal preference thing. Sound FX and explosions are brilliant.
  10. Had mine download successfully on the 9th attempt. Data cap of 175 GB/mo with our account, January ended with a usage of 174.07 GB! Usage for release day was 22.94 GB.
  11. I'm getting a real Fulda Gap feel from this game sometimes.
  12. The silhouettes at the end of this are particularly evocative.
  13. If the shot from the Abrams doesn't get him, the Javelin will. Edit: TOW.
  14. My first QB. BMPs were the first casualties: Russian MBTs soon evened the score:
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