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  1. Hello Jacky, Nice to hear from you. I have 4.02 CMBN(CW) as well, so I can suggest a mirror game with usual conditions: -No prep arty on the attacker set up 10st 10 min. as usually. -I prefer to dedicate my weekend(and afterwork evenings, after 20.00 UTC+2) to the series of moves as the mode where people do a 1-minute move in several days only, causes the fade to the game interest. Though If you are too busy for such intencive framework, no problem, I understand. Optional: you might consider the next conditions below as they make the game more realistic.-We could play a mirror ga
  2. Hi, I'm looking an opponent in CMBN. I can dedicate 2-3 hours each day during a working week and 6-12 hours on my weekend.
  3. Hi, I could be an opponent in CMBN. I can dedicate 2-3 hours during a working week and 6-12 hours on my weekend. Ping me if you are still interested.
  4. this approach isn't applicable for vehicles, unfortunately
  5. Yes i did. Unfortunatelly mg and mortar start to redeploy with relative consequences.
  6. I'm surprised that such expirienced player as c3k didn't know this trick . Althought i have to warn you that sometimes you may see a bug- your unit doesn't shoot while paused, all soldiers just sit in "waiting" status till the pause will end to execute next command. At least i met this bug when my troops revealed the enemy on previous turn. Then, the next turn i set target area shooting of suspected positions(to floating icon), gave them a pause for 30 sec's and run to a new position to evade returning fire. My troops were waiting till the end of a pause doing nothing, then escaped. Yo
  7. I would rather reask this quistion this way: is it possible to target different action spots in the same turn? Yes, it is possible, at least for infantry(not support weapons). Do next: 1. Give move order to the tile where you want to shoot from initally 2. then give target order from this waypoint to the aimed area 3. then set the pause, to let your unit shoot during this pause 4. then plot another move order to anywhere else. 5 DRAG and DROP the second waypoint on the same tile where 1st waypoint located. The 1st waypoint will look like pyramide, the 2nd one will look like
  8. Thank you for new skins, m8. Дякую за нові скіни. Вони набагато реалістичніши.
  9. Do you know whether devs plan to adopt CM series with Linux? This OS would be much more reliable for many cpu models i suppose
  10. I tryed all avalable patches for intel hd 3000, it works only if i run in a "fix compatibility mode(compatible with win xp?)". I translated this from rus win7, not sure that i did it correctly. It works with bugs though(lags, fonts etc.)
  11. "UNINSTALL your current driver and then (possibly after a reboot) install the new driver" hope this will help. What if i run CMBS on Linux, do u think it might help?
  12. same problem for me, but installing of driver didn't help(Dell Latitude E6420. Mobile DualCore Intel Core i5-2520M,Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000) Win 7 64-bit
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